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Sep 3, 2007 06:29 AM

Need some help in Gettysburg, please.

I am helping to organize a get together of handlers from the National Sheepdog Finals taking place in Gettysburg at the end of the month.

I need a medium-to-not-REALLY-cheap place that can accomodate maybe 20 people on a Friday night. Non-foodies.

I would appreciate any help you could offer.


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  1. Have you tried at the Eisenhower Conference center ? Is that where they are having the Sheepdog finals ? I don't know if they have a minimum but we have our Judges dinner there for our December show. They are reasonable for dinner and can accommodate a group. The food is pretty decent also.

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      Hello, I just saw an article in the Gettysburg Times about this event today! This is being held at the Redding Farm, same place that the 4 of July reinactments are held.You could try Picketts buffet in Gettysburg around 15.00. Good simple food. They do have a liquor license. There is 4 Seasons in Fairfield about 10 miles out of Gettysburg. Good steaks, crab cakes and their chicken wings are great. They also have liquor license. Another really good place is Hickory Bridge Farm. Food is served family style and it is just super. It is BYOB around 23.00 Dessert and tea, lemonade or coffee is included in this price. Dobbin House is always a good bet but pricey. There is a Ruby Tuesdays and a TGIF also in Gettysburg. 20 people is a good number you will have to call and make a reservation and I would suggest doing this soon. Friday night in Gettysburg is really busy at the restaurants. If I can be of any more help please let me know. Gettysburg is my home town.

    2. This makes me smile.I own a seriously beautiful Belgian Sheepdog (Malinois) that has never seen a sheep but i know she would take the herding job with gusto.I dont see any Belgians on your website but I dont know a whole lot about your competition.Those Border Collies and Australians are adorable.
      Now directly across from the battlefield at 217 Steinwehr Ave is the Gingerbread Man.Its a tavern,part of a local chain.Menu is comprehensive and I like the burgers and wings.Prices I would call moderate.
      I would think they could handle a 20-top no sweat.Mights well call them at 717-334-1100 to check.See website at