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Sep 3, 2007 04:46 AM

Breakfast College and Bay

Does anyone know where I can get a half decent traditional eggs and steak/bacon breakfast within walking distance of Bay and College? Thanks

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  1. Frans on College & Yonge is about as traditional as it gets....

    1. (Not sure if it is called) 'Jasper's Deli' is in the bldg.on the northwest corner of Bay and Wellesley. In any case it is across the street from The Sutton Place Hotel and it is pretty good bacon and eggs place (not sure about the 'steak' part).

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        Thanks folks. I ended up at daybreak at Church and College. The steak in the steak and eggs was a bit gristly. That said, I did like that they have real maple syrup on the table.

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          Ended up next door from Daybreak at the Studio Restaurant Tavern. It's a real old school diner, albeit a little tired. Steak had a little less gristle and it was a cheaper to boot. Grabbed coffee afterwards from around the corner from Bulldog. Great coffee! It's worth a detour if you are walking up yonge and want a coffee.

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            Thanks for the report. Daybreak is one of my favourite breakfast places, but I haven't had the steak & eggs there. It's good to know that the dish is worth avoiding. Their omelettes are tasty though.

            399 Church, Toronto, ON M5B2A1, CA

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            This spot is now an Indian Buffet...

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              Confirmed. I believe it's called Ruchiro.

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                I am pretty sure they still serve breakfast, cause they have a sign outside for their bacon and egg breakfast.

            2. It's maybe further than you want, but the New Yorker Deli at Bay and Charles (south of Bloor) does a good breakfast, and has an excellent special weekday mornings - $3.99 or something for coffee, two eggs, home fries, and meat.

              1. I know chains are often booed in CH, but there is the option of Richtree, which is in the College Park plaza. I haven't been to this location yet. I usually go to Richtree in the evening with groups of people, so I'm not too sure about breakfast offerings, but I remember having a sausage with smoked salmon and rosti potatoes (yum) at a brunch once.

                A really good area for breakfast/brunch places is the Beaches ("The Beach"?) area out east. I just had an excellent Eggs Benjamin (poached eggs smothered with hollandaise sauce and smoked salmon on an english muffin) at Lion on the Beach (1958 Queen StE). We were originally attracted to Whitlock's across the street because it was so busy and boasted a really extensive Sunday Brunch menu (buffet), but I just wanted eggs benedict and couldn't order off the menu.
                Lion on the Beach is a bar/pub, but offered amazingly good breakfasts for me and my SO. I'm a small person, and usually I am full when I'm done eating 1 to 1.5 of the 2 eggs benedict, but I absolutely cleaned my plate. Their homefries were perfect -- usually I eat a couple and leave the rest, but I demolished these! Crisp on the outside, but a bit of chew on the inside. Mixed in were some strings of fried green pepper and onion. Very nice. The grilled tomato was not yet ripe, so firm but tasteless.
                On our walk back to the car, we passed by about 7 or 8 other breakfast places which had hearty breakfasts on the menu - steak and eggs, etc. I'm going to have to come back and try out the different places -- I love breakfast foods!

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                  I enjoyed the one meal I ate at the College / Yonge Richtree, although the service was pretty poor: the gentleman serving me didn't speak enough English to communicate with me and got quite frustrated with me over the fact that I couldn't understand him. The food (roast chicken with potatoes and veggies) was very fresh and natural tasting, although cold. I still devoured it up happily and thought the flavours were great and the portion size was ridiculously generous for the price.

                  I've heard a lot of bad things about this location, but I would go back, especially for their muffins, which are fantastic. They taste like amazing bakery fresh instead of the chemical concoctions you'd get at places like Tim Horton's.

                2. Try the Irish pub "Pogue Mahone" in College Park - I believe they had traditional breakfasts as well as omelets and Eggs Benedicts.