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Sep 3, 2007 04:33 AM

MAC 24/7 - we walked out

Friends and I happened to be on the East end of Waikiki Sunday evening, and having heard about MAC 24/7 at the Prince Kuhio Hotel, we decided to check it out. It styles itself as a retro cafe, very modern decor, interesting menu (fried chicken w/ waffle, pecan praline french toast).

We arrived at 11:25, and were seated just after 11:30, perfectly acceptable. We then sat for more than 10 minutes without being acknowledged by anyone, including the hostess who passed by our table at least 7 times (yes, i started counting). Not once did she reassure us that our server would be there shortly, offer us water, or thank us for our patience. In fact in spite of walking past our table to escort everyone who was seated in the next 10 minutes, she never so much as glanced once at our table. None of the 3 or 4 servers who were also walking back and forth past our table repeatedly could spare us a glance either.

Slow service happens. The place is understaffed for whatever reason, there are problems in the back of the house, etc. Ignoring 5 hungry customers for 10-12 minutes is not slow service, it is bad service. I have no idea if the food is any good, and I doubt I will find out as I have no intention of ever going back.

When we did walk out, all the hostess said was "Good night gentlemen". To be sure she knew we were not dissatisfied with the menu options I told her that we could get poor service at lower prices elsewhere. She didn't even bother to reply.

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  1. Will be in Waikiki next week so tje information was well noted. Not that we were planning to go there but just in case someone mentioned the idea.

    1. That's a bummer. You'll never get to taste the best meatloaf on the island. And the only place you can get an egg cream and a lime ricky.

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        the best meatloaf on island is at big city diner. and if it means not putting up with retaurants with a hidden agenda about who they serve or don't serve...then I will gladly do without.

      2. I was not delighted with the service as well. The servers (4 or 5 of them) walked back and forth pass our table with nothing in their hands. None of them stopped by neighboring tables to help those customers either. It seems as though they wanted to keep busy by walking through the dining area.

        I would like to also mention that I ate there before and the service was pretty good. There were no problems at all. I guess it can be a gamble when it comes to dining out.

        1. I did send a compliaint referencing this posting to the manager, and recieved a nice reply. They also offered to send us a gift coupon. So far I'm still not inclined to go back, the other guys have mixed feelings.