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Sep 3, 2007 04:03 AM


Instead of griping,let's share some places we think are real gems - fine dining, taco truck, whatever.

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  1. the falafal sandwiches at the hungry pocket across the street from santa monica college.
    the falafal balls are delicious and made to order, NEVER reheated.
    the bread is warmed on the grill.
    you can have your choice of whole wheat pita or regular pita.
    the homemade picante sauce is the best in town.
    the prices are too low to be believed about $4/sandwich-- (on monday and wednesday evenings they offer an ayce deal for about $7 or $8)
    they will squeeze fresh fruit juice for you TO ORDER.

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      Total agreement. Mike (Mohammad) truly takes care in what he does. Also, try the tuna falafel, which is a falafel sandwich with his special, mayoless, tuna and tabouli salad.

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        I am going to have to try this place, I have heard so much about it. I use to like eat a pita on fairfax. Thanks guys..

      2. Lahaina Hawaiian Fried Chicken from Back Home In Lahaina in Manhattan Beach. Great hot, supberb cold (fantastics for picnics or potluck), just all around great, all the time!

        1. Monte Alban just doesn't get enough kudos on this board. Sure, lots of people mention it, but I think the price and quality should make it a far more popular recommendation.

          Sa Rit Gol and Seoul Garden are fantastic Korean places, but they don't seem to get mentioned very often.

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            For a late night taco craving the taco trunk, tucked away in a small parking lot on Fair Oaks just a few hundred feet north of California, will satisfy those carne asada cravings. The asada is always flavorful and the salsa is right on point.

          2. There's a long standing thread on this very same subject:


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              1. Actually it is both griping and sharing. OP suggests getting rid of the first.