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Sep 2, 2007 11:28 PM

Brunch at ‘the girl and the fig’

Good food meets poor service. Not what you want for brunch on your wedding anniversary.

Slow with the drinks. Way too much time between appetizer and entrees. No cream for the coffee. They stumbled on all the simple stuff that should be automatic.

Yes, the food was competent. Pernod perked up the French Bloody Mary. Plump steamed mussels floated in flavorful broth. And there was a nice green peppercorn sauce for my steak and eggs.

Yet the eggs Florentine seemed lonely, sitting on a large plate absent of any garnish. And the highly anticipated duck confit hash was forgettable.

In the end, there was a serious lack of magic here.

Just a bad day? Maybe. Returning to find out? Doubtful.

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  1. We had a friend swear by this restaurant. So my husband and I went probably two years ago. The service was pretty bad. And they served a quiche to us COLD, as if it had been sitting out for a while. Compared to other eats in the area (or even just a nearby bakery, it wasn't ever worth going back for us. There were several other problems we had with it, but I can't remember the specifics except the general not wanting to go back again.

    The Girl & The Fig
    110 West Spain, Sonoma, CA 95442

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    1. re: Luthien

      Quiche can be served hot or cold. Did you get the impression that it was supposed to be hot? A good server should inform you at the time of your order when a savory dish will be served cold. Did you ask them about it after it was served and/or send it back?

      1. re: sgwood415

        We did actually ask if this was supposed to be cold.. even with the congealed cheese. They said, no, it was supposed to be warm. Then when they brought it back to us, it was "burn your mouth" hot.

        1. re: Luthien

          Sorry to hear that. Thanks for the update. That was always one of my favorite places up there. I hope they're not losing their edge.

    2. I think it is one of those hit-or-miss restaurants. For me, it has always been miss and I tend to recommend The General's Daughter over everything else in Sonoma.

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      1. re: Carrie 218

        We had a slightly disappointing dinner at the Girl and the Fig last year. Not bad, but not a standout. I ordered a pasta that came with white asparagus, which was VERY TOUGH, almost impossible to chew (in fact, I had to remove some parts of the asparagus from my mouth).

        There were some good things about the meal (we had a wonderful salad that had figs in it). But overall, not memorable in the least. Our best Bay-area meal last year on our trip was Delfina's. That was very memorable (though quite noisy, crowded and not at all intimate).

        1. re: Carrie 218

          Thanks, Carrie. I'll try the General's Daughter next time. Any thoughts about why the girl/fig is fading...?

        2. a month ago my husband and I, with my sister and her husband, had a lovely Sat lunch there...we live in the city and we go out alot; we know the deal. maybe it was sitting out on the patio (never comfortable in SF), maybe just the day-out-of town feel...we had burgers/salad type lunch but one of the starters, the radishes with anchovy butter were.....well they are something I'm still thinking about 4 weeks later.
          the service was relaxed, not perfect, but friendly and just fine for a rural town,

          1. Had a great lunch just hours ago at the Girl & the Fig. Sat outside on the patio and enjoyed an amazing array of fine cheeses, dense bread, fruit, olives and a chilled corn and saffron soup. Service was good, not spectacular. Went with a local who thankfully advised us of them being known for their cheese & fig bread - divine! Would definitely go back for another meal.


            1. Last time there, we met a friend for drinks after work in the back patio. I was shocked to see how many tables had been jammed into the backyard--I had last seen it when it was another restaurant and the backyard was beautiful.

              After our friend left, we stayed for dinner. It was okay, nothing memorable and fairly pricey, especially considering that the ambience was seriously compromised by too many tables and bad tablecloths.