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Sep 2, 2007 10:31 PM

Starter Gin

I have only had gin a handful of times in my life, but I would like to try and broaden my horizons in the drink world. The first times were pretty bad, but I think my tastebuds have matured enough to appreciate a good gin. Can someone recommend a good starter gin to seduce me back into the botanical world?

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  1. I would not doubt your first impressions.

    1. I don't have a particular gin to suggest--I like a lot of them. But I would suggest that if you are easing into drinking gin that you try it in mixed drinks before martinis. Try a gin and tonic. Or a gimlet, which has Rose's lime syrup in it. See what you think.

      As for gins, don't think that more money equals a better gin.

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      1. re: nerdgoggles

        I think your article is a bit of a misnomer. I think what you mean to say is that more money does not equal a better be mixed with vermouth to create a martini.

      2. Surely you are not drinking gin straight are you? What drink(s) are you using it in?


        1. bombay dry gin (original, not the uber fancy stuff) is very good. recipe dates back to the mid18th centuary. you can taste the botanicals because they are gently infused (not boiled). at least that is what is claimed. still, it's a very good gin that lends itself to a classic martini (straight up), gin and tonic, whatever.

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          1. re: steve h.

            I may try Bombay Dry at the bar next time for a G&T to ease my way in, or a good classic martini. All this makes me wishing for Happy Hour!

          2. I would recommend trying plymouth. It is very good, though not as high a proof as others so the other flavors in gin are more readily accessed. Good in a G & T. Or try it straight on the rocks