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Sep 2, 2007 10:03 PM

Sunday night in Rome..

We are in Rome near the end of September on a Sunday night, and are wondering what the best restaurant option is. I thought of La Campana, but I have read a couple of reviews that suggest that it isn't so hot anymore. 30-40E a person would be ideal. Incidentally, we are staying near the Piazza della Republica. Thanks.

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  1. We were in Rome about a month ago and, on the recommendation of mbfant, we went to Il Fico on a Sunday evening. It was one of our very favourite meals in 8 days of our Eating in Rome adventure.

    The restaurant is down a winding narrow street at the far edge of the tourist area near Piazza Navone. The charming tables outside were full so we sat inside. I've attached a photo of the interior.

    The owner was lovely and, after a small table gaff, he brought us flatbread and prosecco, on the house. The flatbread, which he called "foccacia" was thin and crispy, baked with rosemary and salt. He brought some of his mother's special olive oil on the side.

    We had a bottle of Machialupa 2006 Grecco di Tufo. 15 Euros.

    To start, I had the hand-made tonnarelli with pepper and aged ricotta. Without question, the single best pasta dish I've ever eaten. My husband had the fettucine with "fruits of the sea" -- surf clam, langostini, mussels and clams. Delicious.

    For secondi, I had a very generous serving of grilled langostini with lemon. I have attached a photo of this dish. My husband had the swordfish, sicilian style, with capers, olives and tomatoes. It was a touch overcooked and a little too salty.

    As sides, we had freshly made potato chips and funghi salad with parmesan and rocket.

    No dessert because we were too full. But gamberini (?? a disgestif a bit like coca cola) and limoncella, after dinner.

    Total cost, with wine and tip: 83 Euros.

    I would highly recommend this restaurant. The link is We made reservations on-line before we went.

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      Thanks EarlyDrive - nice, fair, report.

    2. I'm partial to Imago (at the Hotel Hassler) The view can't be beat IMHO. I don't remember the entree prices, but if they are prohibitive (which they may be) can I suggest going for a pre-dinner drinks as the sun is setting? The view in the evening is beyong amazing!