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Sep 2, 2007 07:35 PM

Brunch at Czehowski Today....bad

Sat on the lovely roof top patio today at Czehowski and had a horrible experience. Paid $11 each for their BLT which I think had one piece of bacon, a thin slice of aged cheddar and some odd lettuce, sided with a green salad. Caesars were great but not for $12 each. The service was terrible: we had to flag down the waitress for drinks, to take our plates away, to bring the bill...and to top it off had to go inside to ask her to bring back the credit card slip and our credit card so we could leave. Won't be back.

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  1. Well... I thought the crappy service there was specific to Summerlicious. Seems it's just crappy all the time. Good to know.

    1. I had the same experience. As much as I like their space I can't deal with the ridiculous service. I won't be back either.

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      1. re: cutehinano

        Yes, I was there for a quick bite on Saturday early evening on the rooftop patio and the service was truly terrible.

        1. re: Non Doctor

          I had brunch there with my girlfriend a couple of months ago and I agree, it has to be the worst service ever. There were only 2 tables in the room occupied (including ours) and still the waiter was no where to be found. Nice space, mediocre food, truly silly service.

      2. The only time I had brunch there was earlier this year in winter. We arrived 5 min before opening and were given an abrupt "we're not open yet" as we cracked open the door. The staff were all lounging at the bar talking when we attempted to enter - hardly, in a tizzy about prepping the room... We went to the Second Cup to wait and when we returned, the staff was nice enough and seated us upstairs near the fireplace. Throughout the meal, service was attentive though there weren't more than 4 tables occupied when we were there. (Which is probably key to the good service) The food was really good though the initial bout of rudeness has kept up from going back.

        1. Ugh, doesn't sound like a pleasant start to the day at all. I've only ever been to Czehoski for drinks in the evening, and the service was definitely slow then. I chalked it up to a busy Saturday night, but I guess it might be more of the norm than that.

          678 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

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          1. re: xtal

            That's bizarre that your link search brought up Czehoski as on Queen East. It's actually at 678 Queen WEST. I'll add that info to the place link.

            1. re: xtal

              I fixed it in the Places link but unfortunately your post will still say east, unless you can still edit it.

              678 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

              1. re: JamieK

                When I look at my post, it says Queen W. Thanks for editing the error. I didn't notice it at all.

            2. I thought I was the only one!

              I went there for lunch a few weeks ago, about 14 people and having heard so much about this place I was very curious. Most of the items on the menu were not available because it had been a "big night." Well, ok.

              But it took an hour for me to get a Coke. After one and a half hours, the people who had ordered wine finally got it.

              I was flabbergasted, and really had to get back to work. This lunch would take what? 4 hours? I was really hungry.

              I ran out to the street, got a hamburger, and went to work. I've been badmouthing the place ever since. Never never going back.

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              1. re: supersoaker

                I'd love to hear recent reviews. Discouraged by the line at Swan, we tried Czehowski's for brunch. It was a little loud, but the food was absolutely great, and not at all expensive. The Steak and eggs were excellent, and the breakfast sandwich was put together nicely.

                I'm almost ready to try it for dinner. Maybe it's a place that doesn't do crowds well.

                1. re: arugula

                  I tried it again last week and felt like they have been putting an effort, but i still find the food to not be up to par and the service is still horrible in my books. i rather spend my money somewhere else!

                  1. re: likeit

                    when they have time to service the customer the experience can be great, but when they are understaffed....well, the comments here are crystal clear