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Sep 2, 2007 07:14 PM

Ravello and Capri

We will be in Ravello for four night and Capri for four nights. Lunch and dinner recommendations please.

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  1. Will you have a car?
    If so, I definitely recommend taking a trip to Sorrento at dining at Caruso. Here's the website:
    I live in Italy and I swear this is some of the best food I have ever had here. I would go back to Sorrento just to go back to this restaurant.
    It's about 75-100 euro per head for a full meal but well worth it.

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    1. re: tlew12778

      Thank you. We will not have a car, but could hire a driver. How far is it from Ravello?

      1. re: LifeisGood58

        If you have no car, you should use taxis and local buses to eat in Amalfi (La Caravella, Da Gemma, Lido Azzurro), Atrani (A Paranza), and Cetara (Acqua Pazza). I love Ravello and got married there, but the food does not compare to places nearby on the coast. Rosellini at the Palazzo Sasso is a nice, and Cumpa Cosimo is fine for a meal, despite its shtickiness.

        1. re: Jeremy M

          Just returned from Ravello. We also loved it. Stayed at the Hotel Caruso - I would highly recommend staying there. We ate at Cumpa Cosima - food was very good, but agree with you re: schtickiness. We loved Laq Caravella in Amalfi - did not realize it was 1 star Michelin - excellent food; excellent service. We also had dinner at the hotel Il San Pietro in Positano - wasn't thrilled at all - beautiful setting; average food.

          1. re: LifeisGood58

            Buca de Baca de Serafina in Capri is excellent as is La Campanina's garden room. Love da Gelsomina in Anacapri but it's a hike to the right end of the island for ravioli that melts in your mouth.

            1. re: RomeAddict

              Agree with you re: La Capanina in Capri - food was terrific. We also enjoyed Da Paolino - nice ambience under the lemon trees and very good food. Da Giorgio was also great. The only restaurant I wouldn't recommend is Edode. The food was decent, but it was too trendy, empty and overpriced, compared to the others.

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                I have been trying to remember the place we hiked to that had wonderful ravioli, so maybe that was it. The ravioli of Capri are particularly good. They're filled with a local cheese, not ricotta.

                1. re: mbfant

                  Da Gelsomina is at the right end of the island in Anacapri; not only do you get ravioli that melts in your mouth, your walk is rewarded with gorgeous views---see photo of my handsome hubby. Philosophical Park is across the way & if you're lucky, the Professor (Gunnar Adler-Karlsson), will be dining there. His Villa Mariana is just past da Gelsomina on the right. He remains one of our favorite characters we've met while traveling. His IQ is off the scale & he's genuinely affable.

                  1. re: RomeAddict

                    Buca di Bacco da Serafina, via Longano 35, a short walk to the left of the Piazzetta. Try to reserve the one table with the long window with the great view. We were mesmerized one afternoon watching a local woman slurping mussels right out of the shell with her hands like a locomotive.
                    Also love La Conazone del Mare, via Marina Piccola 93, for the sheer beauty of the views. Excellent grilled fresh fish & spaghetti scuie-scuie & shrimp/artichoke appetizer. Buon Appetito.

                    1. re: RomeAddict

                      Da Gelsomina is the best restaurant in Capri!! The restaurant is committed to serving great food and uses their farm to grow vegetables, wine and herbs. Go to Anacapri and they will come and pick you up and drive to their restaurant. Now the food - the grilled mozzarella is a tasty starter. The brick chicken is fantastic. The homemade pastas will make you come back. We loved the grilled mixed seafood as well. Location is great as you can walk 10 meters to the cliff which overlooks the lighthouse. We also found out you can rent a villa overlooking the farm and out of the busy town.

        2. I definitely recommend Donna Rosa in Positano - quaint atmosphere, fabulous food.
          Via Montepertuso 97/99

          tel 089 811 806

          1. La Paranza in Atrani (at the bottom of the hill) and Cumpa Cosimo. We were doubtful of the last, but the food turned out to be very good and the folks including the hostess were genuinely friendly = it didnt feel like schtick to me. There is also a good simple pizzeria /restaurant, San Giovanni, in Pontone, one of the hamlets immediately to the north - right across the valley - Driving in this area is a pain - I would recommend travelling in the area in the daytime (walking/hiking the trails from town to town is a pleasure) and staying at home at night. We were at the Villa Maria, and while the hotel was very nice the food was disappointing (offseason). Slowfood has a number of reccs in this area - Jeremy mentions a couple. Do be sure to see the gardens of the Villa Cimbrone at the top of Ravello - there is a restaurant there, (Il Flauto del Pan??) written up on Luciano Pignataro's website,
            but it was closed when we were there so I cant comment

            If you can work Paestum into your visit, I highly recommend it.

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            1. re: jen kalb

              Glad to have a suggestion for Positano, we were there 3 years ago, and didn't have any meal that was memorable there. We are going back next September, so will look up Dona Rosa. Is there anything with a nice view also, that would have food to match?

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                JenKalb, first off for all of your help (past trip to Rome and upcoming trip to Amalfi. A few questions (others welcome too) Restaurant in Paestum that you like? Price range for La Paranza and Cumpa Cosimo? Appreciated your comment ""staying at home at night". Our budget won't allow for a lot of supper time cabs and the thought of using the buses late at night seems too strssful. Short cab ride home to Amalf from Atrani would be fine if we weren't up for the walk home.

                1. re: stymie

                  sorry to be so slow, Stymie
                  the my Paestum recommendation is on this thread.

                  La Paranza and Cumpa Cosimo are both in a moderate range, though watch out on ordering a whole fish at the former, which can push up your cost a lot. Careful ordering and taking it a step at a time at Cumpa Cosimo can make a difference. We were stuffed with just a platter of mixed antipasti and a tris of pastas there.