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Sep 2, 2007 06:34 PM

Restaurants you love that are rarely mentioned on Chowhound

A poster today mentioned a little bistro and brought back memories. I used to go there a lot. It had creative takes on traditional French bistro entrees, big portions, a congenial atmosphere, and low prices. I never see it mentioned on Chowhound and therefore I thought it had closed. But it's still going strong. Are there places YOU love that never get mentioned here? Tell me about them and maybe I'll eat there.

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  1. Having missed the post you're speaking of, please share. What/where is the little bistro?

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    1. re: billh

      It was Casimir on Avenue B. And I havent been there in ten years so it may have changed a lot. But the point is that there are probably hundreds of restaurants like this. No, it's not going to make the NY Times critic think, "I wish they would let me award 5 stars"... but you get a delightful reasonably priced meal in a nice ambiance.

      I hope more people post about places like this.

      1. re: Brian S

        Casimir has that french bistro atmosphere but the service is not for those with American standards of service. Service is slooooooooooooooow.

    2. Le pere pinard is a cute little french bistro on the LES, zozo's which has amazing fluffernutter ice cream, nook which is an adorable HK byob restaurant, ralph's which is really great old school italian in hk

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      1. re: kam0424

        I second Nook. Great little place.

        1. re: eatfood

          I third Nook! What a gem. Love it there.

          1. re: mjps2

            Yes, Nook is excellent. And the wines can't be beat!

        2. re: kam0424

          As I recall. Pere Pinard has a great pre-theatre dinner deal for about $15. Three great courses, and you can choose steak for your entree. Thanks for reminding me, I must go back there!

            1. re: Brian S

              When is the deal offered - from 5-7 or something?


              1. re: Jel212

                As I recall, yes, from 5 to 7. But you'd better phone to confirm the hours before you go. (212) 777-4917

          1. Waldy's Wood Fired Pizza and Penne on Sixth Ave. They make great sausage and red pepper pizza and a penne with roquefort cheese sauce. Waldy is Waldy Malouf.

            1. Roberto Passon (9th/50th) is a great little Italian place in HK. Cafe Noir is a great late-night spot in Soho (French/Moroccan, but the best thing is the $9 goat cheese burger and fries). In Vino in the East Village is 'inoteca-esque, but less crowded, and less loud. Vice Versa on 51st btwn 8th and 9th is really, really great modern Italian with two different outside dining areas and a nice bar/lounge. Tasca, new place on near Christopher Street (i think) is a really nice tapas bar. For a rainy night at home, all hail Blockhead's Burritos!

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              1. I'm glad Roberton Passon was mentioned because I'd totally forgotten it. ViceVersa also... I ate there in July 1999, right after William Grimes gave it a great review...and never after that.

                1. re: Brian S

                  Discovered Roberto Passon this summer, wonderful meal, service was swell.

                  1. re: sebastianxx

                    I heard about Roberto Passon on this site and must add it to my list to try.

                2. re: CocHoliday

                  I've always wanted to try Vice Versa and Roberto, I will have to now. What is good to order at both places?

                  1. re: kam0424

                    As for Vice-Versa: I love the Vitello Tonnato, veal in a light, tuna-based mayonnaise (if you've never had it, you're going to love it) as an app, then stick with any pasta as your entree.

                    At Roberto, go during the fall and winter...get their poached egg with proscuitto over white asparagus, then for the entree, go for the venison papparadelle. They have a lot of nice, affordable ($30-$40) wines on their list as well.

                  2. re: CocHoliday

                    In vino is one of my favorites! amazing lasagna, great italian wine list

                    1. re: CocHoliday

                      Went to In Vino a few weeks ago and loved certain things -- their risotto special, for example, with mushrooms and more butter than I even want to imagine, was to die for. However prosciutto appetizer with peaches was way too ambitious for this early in the spring -- peaches were like apples, should have stuck with melon.

                    2. OG on east 6th serves delicious dumplings and other asian inspired dishes (mostly fish, some duck) in a very comfortable, welcoming environment. It's pretty quiet, we can always get a seat, and the prices are incredibly reasonable. Sometimes I wish they had a full bar and more wine and sake variety, but I've always been very happy with what I end up with.

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                      1. re: erin07nyc

                        Is OG still good?

                        I ate there a lot 12 yrs ago when I lived at 2nd & B -- but haven't been there in at least a decade.