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Sep 2, 2007 04:29 PM

Iced Decaf Coffee

Panera only has iced regualr coffee. Starbucks can make iced decaf versions of all of their fancy drinks but not a regular cup of iced decaf coffee. Dunkin' Donuts seems to be the only chain that makes this simple beverage. Is it just not as common as I'd think? (Even duing a HOT maryland summer,...)

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  1. The iced coffee at starbucks is triple strength (so that when tie ice melts, it is still strong coffee flavored and not diluted) and they make the iced coffee in quantity, not iondividually. You can get a decaf iced Americano, which is god; but I always add a shot or two to make it stronger tasting.

    There must not be a 'market' for it...yet. Keep asking. It seems if they hear it enough they will make it. They come up with flavor combinations I never would have thought of every few months...

    1. Many years ago I worked at a bakery. Our iced coffee was yesterday's that we refrigerated the night before once making sure it was in good shape. Iced coffee is just cold coffee. Get yourself a big cup of ice.

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        It's like iced tea.
        Me: do you serve iced tea?
        Them: no.
        Me: Do you serve hot tea?
        Them: yes.
        Me: Do you have ice?
        Them: Yes.
        Me: I would like a small cup of hot tea and a very large cup of ice, please. Thanks.

        It's like a mystery that people can't figure it out from the name.

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          The only problem with mixing the hot coffee with ice is that it either a) melts too much and makes it watery, or b) melts all the way, but stays lukewarm. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I order an iced coffee and they pour hot coffee over ice and give it to me in a cup. The end result is never what I'm looking for.

          I agree with you that it's tough to find decaf iced anywhere. The Dunkin Donuts near me don't even serve it. I finally found a local coffee spot in Philadelphia (Old City Coffee) where I can get one!

        2. I'm in MD and I've never had trouble ordering a plain iced decaf coffee at Starbucks. They are more likely to have it early in the day than the evening (at which time they always offer me the iced americano option), but they definitely do make it.