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Sep 2, 2007 03:42 PM

Good website on nutritional value of veggies?

My dad and I struck a deal. I'll be going to the gym 3 times a week and he, whose general vegetable rotation is pretty much stuck at tomatoes and cukes, will be having a serving of really healthful veggies three times a week. At first I was going to give him a list of the orange and greens. But that would exclude so many things that would be great for him if he incorporated them into his diet - beets, bell peppers, green beans, artichokes.

Is there a decent website that I can reference to make him a list of veggies that he can fulfil his agreement with? Or can you suggest veggies that are packed with nutrition and other goodness that will keep him young and healthy?

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  1. btw, I don't mean to imply that tomatos are not really healthful. They are. Cucumbers, on the other hand, are a good source of fiber, but I don't believe that high in nutritional content...

      1. That's quite a deal. I hope it keeps you both healthy. Here a link to a web site that breaks down the nutritional value of most foods. This page is for fruits, but you can click on the tabs above to find other foods. Good luck on your quest to healthy eating!
        for the vegetable page.

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   (world's healthiest foods) is a great get on their mailing list. My oldest son just became a certified personal trainer and he has also found it very valuable.

          2. There are some good recs here already.
            There's a book out called "Super Foods RX" which has the kind of list you have in mind: allegedly the 14 foods he encourages you to eat most often are the kinds that are the most nutritious. There's a website:
            BTW, all the foods listed on the left of the site have "sidekicks", or other foods that are similar in their nutrition. Like Kale, instead of spinach, for example.

            Good luck!