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Sep 2, 2007 03:22 PM

Best bet Indian food in Campbell,San Jose?

Taking my so to dinner on thurs. - she wants Indian-it's her birthday - So,?

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    1. re: Judith

      Darling husband who travels to SJ every week agrees -- Amber is good.

      1. re: bards4

        Amber is good (food/ambiance/location) but I've recently heard that Rangoli in Campbell has very good food.

        1. re: ceekskat

          It looks good on the web. Have you been to the Mynt?

          1. re: Judith

            Judith, no I have not been to Mynt. Also, I live in the Peninsula so an Indian restaurant has to get rave reviews before I travel down that way. Also, I just went to Amber Cafe in Mountain View (in the former Saravana Bhavan location) & was quite disappointed. I ordered a murgh tandoori (chicken) dish for 7.99 & I got four small breast pieces that tasted like I could have marinated & cooked at home. Oh, and no sides unless you count the cabbage garnish. Will not be going back to the Cafe. I do think Amber Santana Row has some nice dishes at dinner (although I haven't been there in two years). Mynt and Rangoli are on my list to try. Hmm, the in-laws are coming...

    2. Try Spice Route in Milpitas. Cheaper than Amber and the dining room is more cosy and comfortable. The menu is small and rotates, but you will find some unique menu items.

      Suraj Indian Restaurant
      400 Valley Way, Milpitas, CA 95035

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      1. re: Fussy Foodie

        Spice Route is closed and Suraj is now in that location.

      2. Go to the Mynt you will not be disappointed, she will love it. Trust me, been to Amber and Mynt is better.

        1. I usually go to Kabab & Curry or Mayuri, both in Santa Clara. I like Kabab & Curry better. Love their tandoori chicken and their eggplant.

          I have only been to Amber for the lunch buffet and not dinner. It was good.

          I just recently tried Cafe Dhaka in Santa Clara which is Bangladeshi food and it's my new favorite. They also serve Indian and Pakistani food but I didn't try it.

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          1. re: Margo

            Kabab & Curry has some great food, but it's not exactly a celebratory ambience. And they don't serve any alcohol, and I like beer with that kind of food, so we do take-out. I personally favor Amber in Mtn View over Amber in Santana Row. It's more intimate. The Mynt is very good, and closer for us, but now I'm going to try Rangoli . . . it looks great on the web.

          2. Another recommendation for Rangoli. I have not been for dinner, but I have been quite a few times for the lunch buffet.