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Sep 2, 2007 03:13 PM

Las Vegas

I am considering a few restaurants that I have learned about on this Board.
Rosemary's, Cafe Clohe, Emeril's Fish House. I have checked the web sites but there are no prices. Can anyone give me the approximate range of prices for entrees at these places?

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  1. At Rosemary's the entrees probably average high $20's with some up into the $30's. But they have a $50 prix fixe where you get 3 courses, and it's well worth it. On Wednesdays the price of food is half off for women - i.e. the prix fixe is $25 - can't beat it! Rosemary's is fabulous.

    Sorry can't help you with the others, never heard of Cafe Clohe and haven't been to Emeril's in quite awhile.

    1. I have to agree that I've never heard of Cafe Clohe either and I lived in Vegas for nearly 10 years up until just a couple months ago.

      Rosemary's is absolutely fabulous. You should go for sure. It won't cost nearly as much as some of the greats on the Strip.

      I'm not big on Emeril's but like Debbie, I haven't been there in a long time ( because I wasn't thrilled with it the first time ). I do hear that they have some incredible banana cream pie but that isn't enough to give me the desire to eat there over the many other great choices in town.

      1. I'd rather go to Seablue over Emeril's Fish House. Seen some great reviews of Seablue on

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          Seablue is head & shoulders above Emeril's in just about every aspect. I always get a sampling of their appetizers or "tastings" for a great meal.

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            We had a great meal at Seablue last week. Grilled fish (their signature dish) is wonderful, raw bar was also great - "surprise" menu highlights were the tandoori octopus, the chicken skewers with figs and foie gras, and a lovely chocolate creme brulee. Our server was also excellent. You can find my full review at

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              Thanks! My brother in law loves fish, he wants to try Seablue, and we'll probably stay at MGM next time.

        2. Rosemary's is very good. I agree with the previous post. However, its 15 minutes from the strip.

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            Given LV's fabulous infrastructure (NOT), it's realistically more than 15 minutes off strip, but still worth the trip. Take the bus if nothing else. And don't forget half-price wine on Sundays. Any bottle in the house. Killer deal.

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              yes, my wife and I dined at Rosemary's on Sunday not knowing beforehand about the half price wines.

          2. Cafe Chloe is on South Buffalo Rd. and Flamingo. Despite it being in a small strip mall, it is very pleasant inside, with personal service and a dedicated owner-chef. I have several friends in LV who consider it their favorite Italian spot in the city.

            Based on only two meals there, I can't share their enthusiasm. It's perfectly fine but nothing exciting, in my opinion.

            Cafe Chloe
            4155 S Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89147

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            1. re: Dave Feldman

     are amazing! Is there anywhere in Las Vegas you haven't eaten? :)

              1. re: alanstotle

                Plenty. My weakest spot is the Strip, actually.

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                  How do you get time with all the LOS visits? If I can get my family or coworkers to agree (depending on the type of trip), I just want to model your LOS themed trips. : )

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                    On many trips, I eat at LOS every day. After a few days, it gets so intense (because of the sheer quantity and quality of food) that I get down to one meal a day, so most of my adventures tend to be toward the start of the trip. As much as I love LOS, and plan trips around it, a day "off" is like a vacation.

                    I still haven't eaten all the items on the menu at LOS, even though I've had more than 100 meals there. And I try many dishes I've never had before on each trip, whether they are on or off the menu.

                    1. re: Dave Feldman

                      I so respect this and would love to do this. : ) Do you find yourself compelled to order certain dishes repetitvely even though you are trying to work your way through the menu?

                      1. re: ccl1111

                        I tend to get obsessed with certain dishes, and not necessarily the ones LOS is most famous for. I eat at LOS three different ways: by myself; with small groups of friends, 2-6 folks; and with banquets, usually 10-16 people. I tend to be least adventurous with the banquets, and certain dishes tend to be faves, especially among the less adventurous eaters. When I'm with a small group of friends or family, I tend to eat specials more, and try new things. When I'm by myself, I often order humble dishes that I am obsessed with -- the khao soi and hoh mok plar are particular faves in this regard. Khao soi works with all these groups, because it can function as a semi-soup when a proper soup isn't ordered, it's great whether spicy or not, and it features the best noodles in the house.

                      2. re: Dave Feldman

                        So basically, the next time I go to LOS, I'm going to just stand in the doorway and say out loud, "Is Dave Feldman here?" and I figure I have about a 50/50 chance you will be!