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Sep 2, 2007 02:12 PM

Reasonable cost for a fancy kids birthday cake decorator in Los Angeles?

I can bake very well and I'm planning on throwing a first birthday party with a beautiful cake design I found. But I don't know how to decorate. I only have a small group; therefore a small cake, anyone knows where I can just get someone to decorate for me using fondant but very simple elements?

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  1. Rosebud Cakes in Bev Hills makes gorgeous cakes.

    Hansen's is probably pricier than you want, but still great, and in the valley, Memorable Cakes [or Unforgettable Cakes].

    Cake Divas

    And just in case you're interested in the supplies, try Kake Kreations in the valley.

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      Hansen's is not expensive; it's likely way more affordable than both Rosebud and Cake Divas. Plus, Hansen's rules.

    2. Just to clarify, you're planning on baking the cake and want someone who will decorate it? Or you plan to have someone else bake and decorate?