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Sep 2, 2007 02:03 PM

Great Grub arond Ontario?

I will be stuck near the Ontario airport for 2 days... Any type of food, any price range... Any sugestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. New York Grill, just ouside the Ontario Mills 909.987.1928

      1. For a great greasy-spoon breakfast head to the Guasti Cafe across the street from the airport at Archbald. The portions are huge and the food is good.

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        1. re: Velvet Elvis

          I have heard good things about this place on this board but have not been there myself. Good to hear more about it. I will check it out next time I go East.
          Guasti Café (Good breakfast)
          2902 E. Old Brookside Rd.
          Ontario, CA 91761
          (909) 390-6253

          Also, For another big breakfast go to Flo’s
          Flo's Airport Café (Chicken Fried Steak, pork chops and eggs)
          Chino Airport on Merrill Ave. (located at the Chino airport)
          7000 Merrill Ave Ste 8
          Chino, CA 91710-9027
          (909) 597-3416

          For a nice dinner – check the web page for the history of this place and the menu
          The Sycamore Inn (A California Classic)
          8318 Foothill Blvd.
          Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
          (909) 982-1104

          Also, for more on the Sycamore Inn read the post by deadseasquirrels dated Jan 1, 2007

          Petrillo's Pizza (Take-out only. Ask for thin crust and pie cut. The sausage is very special. IMO this is maybe the best pizza in L.A. -- more than your monies worth)
          110 South Mountain, Suite F
          Upland, CA
          (909) 981-8114

          In’n Out Burger has been mentioned below by Ginger and it is the classic Southern Cal burger and if you have not tried it then do so (Double Double is the way to go unless you think you could eat more. If so get a triple triple or ... Also some people ask for "Animal sauce" which is just heavy on the thousand island). Another fast growing local place in that area however is Legends.

          IN-N-OUT Burger
          1891 E. G St.
          Ontario, California 91764

          Legends Burgers
          8775 Baseline Rd
          Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
          (909) 941-9555

        2. Head north toward the mountains on Haven, then right on Foothill to the Victoria Mall or Center. Great shopping but there are tons of chains like PFChangs, a Kings Fish House and then a new Bass Outdoor Shopping Complex with some seafood venue. Also under the 15 freeway on the other side, which is East Foothill is an In n' Out burger, and a ClaimJumper. North of the Victoria Center Mall is a Henry's Heath Food, which is owned by Wild Oats and you can pick up healthy snacks for your hotel room. Sorry I don't know the names of the roads better.

          1. It's not a great area for food, but there are some reasonable choices. In addition to the restaurants that Ginger Wolf mentions, Victoria Mall also has a Lucille's BBQ, which is one of the best chain places.

            Las Campanas has recently opened at 8106 Milliken Avenue (at Foothill Blvd.) in Rancho Cucamonga. It's a "five-million-dollar" (according to reports) new location for the upscale Mexican place at the Mission Inn, Riverside. I haven't been to the new branch, but if it's like the original, the food varies from good to very good (especially the shrimp cocktail and premium margaritas), while the service ranges from friendly to missing.

            You'll also be within striking distance of two very good ice-cream places: Handel's, 373 South Mountain Ave., Upland (exit north on Mountain Ave. from the 10; immediately turn left on 7th -- it's right there at the corner of the shopping center) -- try the turtle sundae made with the ice-cream of your choice, including turtle ice-cream; and, even better IMO, Bert 'n Rocky's, 360 W Foothill Blvd., Upland (north from the 10 on Euclid, left at Foothill for one long block; it's on the left -- south -- side of the street) -- I like their several versions of chocolate, but everything I've had has been very good.

            If you don't mind going further west down the 10, try Claremont, a charming little village with more than one good restaurant (search this board for suggestions).