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Sep 2, 2007 01:51 PM

Remarkable steak at Lake LBJ

Mods: Apologies in advance if this should be on the Texas board. Please feel free to move if need be.

So last night we were guest of our friends who have a house on Lake LBJ. They informed us that they had made reservations at the Lake LBJ Resort.

I was thinking this would be a dressed-up, swank ordeal, but it really wasn't at all. We boated up to the little outdoor grill restaurant. It's a cozy little deck with about 4 or 5 tables. I later found out that the dinner reservation gets you a table for the whole night.

The place is owned by an Austrian immigrant and his wife. Once you're seated, a waiter takes your drink order. There are no food menus. Then he personally comes by and tells you what entrees are available. Last night the choices were: 8 oz filet, 10 oz filet, 24 oz ribeye, 10 oz veal shank, and lobster tail. Everyone at the table ordered and when it was my turn, I just asked what *he* eats when he's out here making food. With a friendly wink, veal shank it was.

He personally mans the wood-fired pits and gets started on all the plates. It'll take a little while to get the food, but who cares at that point. Bottom line: this is the best steak I've ever had, period. I tried bites of others' who had ordered the filet. Divine. The quality of meat is unbelievable, and the seasonings are very simple (probably just salt, pepper, and once other spice). He told everyone that he cooks the meat rare to medium-rare, but that there would not be any blood, and he was right! Normally with rare meat, the middle can tend to get a little chewy and unpleasant... not this. Beautiful smoked undertones throughout.

The only thing on the web I could find is their website, which only casually mentions the restaurant:
I hope that's right. If you're in the area or feeling like a chow adventure, definitely make reservations and ask to make sure he'll be cooking that night.

Oh yeah...and after dinner is over. He treated us to cordials and some old-country tunes on his accordian. :)

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  1. Thanks for the report, jwynne2000. The steak and the atmosphere sound great. I'll keep this in mind if I'm in the area.


    1. Jwynne, can you describe any salad or side dish options? Do they offer dessert?

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        Again, there was no menu, so it's really just whatever he brings you. We were served a baked potato with our entrees, which is.... well... a baked potato. There was also a standard dinner salad. Nothing special there.

        He did serve a cheesecake that I think was something he called creme brulee cheesecake or something. It was pretty good, but not the most memorable part of the meal.

        It's possible that he may have different sides and desserts available just depending on the day. If you're thinking about checking it out, and that is a concern, I would ask about it when you call.