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Sep 2, 2007 01:31 PM

Authentic NY- or Italy-style pizza in central OC?


O.K., I give up, I'm hungry. Is there a joint in central OC that serves real, classic, New York style pizza by the slice -- OR -- a joint or restaurant that serves real, classic, Margherita pizzas? What I want is not too much to ask: crust nirvana, a nice mellow sauce, and a light to moderate amount of good cheese. It's simple, really.

I have been to a place in Irvine with New York in its name (I forget the exact name) and also to Ray's, both of which were puke-awful and, come to think of it, oddly similar.

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  1. Try Al's NY Cafe in Costa Mesa on Irvine Ave/17th St. next to the 7-11. Its better for take-out since its so tiny and has only a few tables, but they do serve slices. Another good place for NY-style slices is Dano's Manhatten Pizza on Katella/Brookhurst in Anaheim. For only $2.99, the friendly Mr. Dano serves up a HUGE 14" slice with a drink. I also recommend Cortina's Italian DEli & Restaurant on the NE side of Orange/Brookhurst in Anaheim. They serve a very niceNY-style pizza (make sure to specify it, even though its listed separately from their other pizzas on their menu) but they do not serve slices. Like Danos, they have a nice comfortable dining area.

    1. I really like Al's NY Cafe in Costa Mesa. Whether it's truly authentic NY, I really don't know, but it seems like it to me. I love their white pizza, but everything I've tried there has been good.

      1. Don't know what a Margherita pizza is, and never had a slice of pizza in NY, but I thought the pizza at the Pizza Bakery is really good. Lotsa cheese, tasty pepperoni, huge 10" slices. Don't remember the crust too clearly, but seemed just right.

        Slices were cooked to order, so they're not made ahead of time and sitting under a heat lamp like a lot of other places.

        Pizza Bakery
        1741 Westcliff Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660

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          Margherita Pizza is just Crust topped with fresh tomato slices, mozzerella cheese & Fresh Basil and drizzled with EVOO extra virgin olive oil.....and baked really simple but oh so good

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            Thanks, everyone. I'll try Al's and the Pizza Bakery when I can get over thataways, sometime soon. Today I lunched at one of the Z Pizza locations. I have to admit, it was a little unorthodox but overall rather positive. The combination of cheese-sauce-crust worked. The crust was puffy and a bit sweet. I would have been chagrined if any fellow New Yorkers had seen me but the cost was clear and I was free to enjoy.

        2. It's been oft-mentioned here to the point that a search would yield a veritible slew of in-site links. Nevertheless, it bears repeating: SLICE OF NY in Seal Beach is the real deal. It's a bit of a drive from Central OC but, a lot closer than the 5 hour flight. Besides, what's a bit of distance to a true dedicated fresser, eh?

          G'head. Just go already!

          Slice of New York Pizza
          142 Main St, Seal Beach, CA 90740

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            Couldn't agree more. I've never had a 'real' NY pizza in NY, but if it's anything like this I understand why people are so loyal to it and always trying to search it out. This is hands down the 'best' pizza I've EVER had. Period!

          2. Don't know squat about NY or Italy, but Pina's Bistro, in Tustin, puts out a different pizza.
            Pina was born in Italy.