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Sep 2, 2007 01:04 PM

Oysters please...

Hi I just moved to Vegas so I am asking suggestions for my fav foods. Now I wanna know about Oysters..I am in the Summerlin area. Any ideas?? Thanks!

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  1. IMO the best oysters in town are at Bouchon. They usually have about 6 different kinds all fresh daily. Some of the freshest and tastiest shellfish in the city.

    As far as your area is concerned, I don't really know of anyplace other than Hannah's on Rampart/Charleston ( Boca Park ) and even they might not offer them all the time.

    Whatever you do - **DO NOT** go to Tides at Red Rock Resort. Trust me.

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    1. re: azbirdiemaker

      azbirdiemaker -- could you elaborate on Tides? I've eaten there a few times and think it's pretty okay. Had some Blue Points in there on Friday that were excellent.

      There's also an oyster bar in Suncoast though I've not eaten there.

      1. re: brisket

        Yes please elaborate cause we might be going to RR on thurs to watch the game.
        I also heard about Texas station having a oyster bar have you tried it.

        1. re: Shaylala

          Tides is just bad. No other way to say it - it's bad.

          From the service to the ambiance to the food. No positives about it, IMO. I once saw oysters sit in the window ( the EXPO window ) for 10-15 minutes after shucking and before being delivered to the table. I'm pretty sure they weren't getting any colder or fresher and I'm willing to bet they tasted awful.

          I've heard nothing but negatives about Tides.

          I've never tried oysters at Texas Station. Only been there for dinner once at Austin's ( which was nice, BTW ).

          1. re: azbirdiemaker

            Azbird...I just got in from our night at Texas Station. We were in the mood for oysters and heard they had half- off on Fridays. So we took a chance thinking it wouldn't hurt our wallet. Well it is sooo not even worth half off. The oysters were served on a bed of half melted ice and the ice was dirty(they did not wash the oysters). We also ordered clams and It was very rubber like. I was still a bit positive thinking well maybe I didn't order he right thing well the table next to us said very loudly that his gumbo was horrible and had no taste and saw the table in-front of us sent back there order of clams.So it is a no go for oysters or anything else at the Texas Station oyster bar.

    2. If Rosemary's has oysters on the menu they are worth getting.

      And while a bit of a drive, there was an oyster bar at the South Point when it was South Coast. Dunno if it is still in the restaurant mix, but I enjoyed it when I was there.

      1. Bouchon does have the best oyster bar in town, and it pays to sit at the bar and make nice with the bartenders.

        1. my favorite oysters of all time come from the Hog Island Oyster Co. in No. Cali.
          now that i am in utah... i mail order them. and i they are just like picking them up fresh from the farm. i highly recommend... and be sure to buy plenty. these are some of the best oysters around.

          [my personal faves are are the small sweetwaters.]

          they are online here