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Sep 2, 2007 12:43 PM

Belmont Greek Festival?

The Belmont Greek Festival continues today and tomorrow. I might have a chance to stop by on Monday. How's the food?

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  1. Will let you know - we're headed there now.

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    1. re: orezscu

      Cool. Be sure to print out the $1 off admission coupon from the website.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I did, actually, but then we got invited to a childrens' birthday party at the last minute. Sorry!

    2. I would highly recommend it - outdoors, try the gyros or the lamb chops with pilaf and greek salad. Indoors (in the cafeteria), try the spanakopita and the dolmades, at a minimum (if you like those - they're excellent there). The roast half chicken is always good, and the fasolakia (stewed green beans with tomato). In the pastry/coffee area, the baklava and galactoboureko are delicious with a Greek coffee. I went Saturday, now I'm getting hungry again just remembering what I ate...

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      1. re: AndrewA

        Thanks a bunch, Andrew! Now I'm even sorrier that I couldn't attend on Monday. An emergency came up and I couldn't fit it into my day. But I'll remember for next year!

        Any other reports, 'hounds?

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          We actually went to the festival on Monday after reading Andrew's report, and luckily when we arrived around 2pm, people coming out of the festival had extra complimentary passes, so we saved $8 (accounting for the coupon) to spend on food!

          I think the indoor main dining room had the best dining options. The Youvetsi dinner which is the lamb chop with orzo pasta, greek salad and bread was just heavenly ($12.50). The moussaka which is sort of a Greek lasagna layered with eggplants and meat was really good as well ($6.50). We also tried the spanakopita and the dolmades ($2.50), but I like the spanakopita more (it's a filo pastry layered with spinach and feta cheese. Finally, for dessert, we went for the loukoumades which is sort of a Greek donut, but it was a bit too sweet and too dry for my tastes (although I've never had it before). Other than the main dining hall, we also had some grilled lamb chops with pilaf outdoors ($10) as well as souvlakia which is a shish kebap ($4), but comparatively, the indoor food was truly outstanding.

          After spending a good two hours there enjoying the music, the market and mostly the great great food and a shot of ouzo, we left the festival. But we couldn't resist coming back to Belmont to get some to-go dinner since everything we tried was so tasty. So for dinner, we got a box with the roast half chicken ($7.50) and pilafi ($3.00) and fasolakia ($2.50) which was more than enough for the two of us and it was again delicious!! This was the first time I've been to the festival, and I would definitely recommend it for next year!

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            Super, thanks for the report! I am going to try the moussaka recipe that you can download from the festival site. Hope it turns out as well.

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      2. I just got my free passes from a friend today (Festival is this Labor Day Weekend, 4-6 Sept.) & they're baking and cooking nonstop at the Church all this month. She said the pastitsio-making was a lot of fun, HUGE macaroni and giant bowls of bechamel. It's a large church with lots of members "from the old country" which is why the food rocks!! Can't wait.

        1. Saw their windmill today, got me hungry for a gyro. We go there every year. Our family faves: the gyros (tasty and juicy), lamb chops (incredible, really good Greek seasoning), lamb shanks and orzo (meat tender and falls off bone), pastitsio (creamy, delish), moussaka (incredible taste, not sure what the seasoning is, but wow), and the rice is like soaked in butter, if you like that which I do. I plan to eat a gyro, my son will eat tons of lamb chops, my hubby will have lamb shank, and then we will get a to go box.

          1. Just back -- another stellar Festival for food, drink & entertainment in Belmont. Begged a taste of DH's gyro (he got it without onions): tzatsiki was insanely delicious. Order it with extra tzat, stat.

            To drink: Greek bottled beer, including Mythos Red; retsina, Metaxa & ouzo; greek wines, and 5 American styles of beer on tap.

            My lamb chops were great value (x6 big lollipops for $14) and the shortest lines were in the Greek Deli -- near the taverna -- they have the loukounio sausage w/orange rind, big slices of house-made spanakopita, and the melanzanasalata (smoked eggplant dip) w./lots of pita slices or sesame-French bread. Fab to assemble a tray of our favorite food and just soak up the music, dancing, atmosphere on their Plaka (plaza) surrounded by trees. A Labor Day Weekend must.

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              We just got back - the gyros are amazing. agreed on the extra txatsiki. definitely the best gyro that i've ever had, by far. For those unfamiliar with the Belmont Greek Festival, as I was, it's a massive event. I was thinking maybe a few food stands and thanks very much, but no... a carnival-game area with a giant bouncy house and other child entertainment, which was thankfully and thoughtfully well away from the main food area, and then probably a half-dozen food stands, tons of seating, lots of craft kiosks, live music and dancing, and then a hot food line inside the building with cafeteria-style food service (but of course far better quality) - people stay here all day!

              Note $5 admission. I found a coupon on their website for $1 off.

              We saw the whole lamb roasting on a spit, which the Man In Charge said would be ready at 5pm. Despite being stuffed from the gyros and the three kinds of dips with pita (dipping pita was meh, unlike the fabulous gyro pita), we couldn't think of another time we'd have access to a whole spit-roasted lamb. So we went home, I got back to work, and then the heroic SO went out again to get lamb for dinner.

              The staff couldn't have been nicer. What a festival!