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Sep 2, 2007 11:26 AM

starfish payment policy?

hello all,

i'm going to starfish on tuesday with my little brother and i had a question about their payment policy. i read in an online review that they only take cash and debit? is that the case... i meant to ask when i called for my reservation, but it slipped my mind. not that it changes our plans, but i'd like to not get got at the end of the meal needing to track down an atm! :).

oh - and what do people think about beerbistro for lunch? (trying to show my brother a good time in his day and a half visit)


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  1. i've paid with credit every single visit i've made. i haven't been there in a few months though so they might have changed their policy, i doubt it though.

    1. Was there last week. Paid by AMEX. THey also accept VISA and MC.