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Sep 2, 2007 11:04 AM

rancho mirage restaurants

will be in the desert from monday through friday for our anniversary --- being invited to westin rancho mirage for a timeshare "shpiel" --- i dont think the restaurants in the hotel are the great... what are the latest and greatest places nearby??

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  1. There's nothing really close, but Villa Abate is usually pretty consistently good, Blame it on The Moon, Morton's, take-away at Bristol Farms, Romittis for more home-style ITalian. How far are you willing to drive? I thin the best restaurants are in PS & LQ, but both are a bit of a haul.

    1. Bangkok 5 at Hwy 111 and Country Club.

      1. Was just out there yesterday and locals are talking about Beefsteak being very good, but I haven't been yet...