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Sep 2, 2007 10:27 AM

Le Bernadin, L'Atelier or Gilt?

Which is the must-do and why?

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  1. L'Atelier and sit at the counter where you can watch the chefs prepare exquisite food. I find Le Bernadin a bit tired (and I've always disliked the sterile hotel lobby decor). Haven't tried Gilt since the chef change over.

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    1. re: Will4Food

      How do they work the seating at the counter? Is it first-come, first-serve? Can you request it? There is a good chance I may do this particular meal alone - would that better my odds of getting a seat there?

      1. re: Forester Keen

        You can and should make a reservation to sit at the bar. It's the best choice of those three right now, and the tete de veau is probably the best dish in the city.

        1. re: Wilfrid

          Thanks for answering that so quickly. Are you saying that of the three, the food, service, ambiance, etc. is the best at L'Atelier? Money isn't an issue.

          1. re: Forester Keen

            If money isn't an issue then by all means creat your own feast at L'Atelier. Do get the egg if it is offered and I absolutely love the gazpacho when it is available.

            I find Le Bernardin to be mostly excellent and quite a bit stuffier on the whole, but worth a visit for the fluke app and the snapper main(must be ordered in advance) if nothing else.

            Not a bad choice to have to make.

    2. Le Bernadin
      A must is the tasting menu paired with wine...absolute perfection. Unfortunately, all the other restaurants are just okay...I've had the best of french food with Le Bernadin,,,yes a bit stuffy, but I am there for the food and that's all.

      1. Hi Forester Keen,

        I haven't been to Gilt so I can't comment on the restaurant. As for Le Bernardin and Robuchon, they are good for different types of food, so it depends on what you are looking for; I actually did a comparison of the two (and with Per Se) awhile back and you may want to take a look:

        Hope this help.