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Tommy's Burger Bar opening downtown (Cgy)

The Metropolitan Grill group is opening TWO new restos in the new Opus 8 tower across the street from the Uptown Theatre- a high end place called "Seven" (it's in a building called Opus 8 across the street from a restaurant haplessly called "Opus on 8th," and it's called "Seven." Thanks, fellas), and a second location of its Tommy's Burger Bar, which has its first location somewhere down south.

I hope this is a good thing. Happy to see Met's investment in the downtown and happy to have a location of this one I can get to easily- but is it good?

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  1. I haven't tried that Tommy's yet, but I'd like to. But I still have to try Boogie's on Edmonton Trail! I hear it's fantastic.

    1. Boogies is weak. Tommy's has had good reviews....but going out for just a burger down Mac Trail seems a bit excessive. Have never been a big fan of The Met "chachi scene" so haven't rushed out to taste Tommy's. They supposedly have a good list so who knows.....? If you taste them I'd be interested to know more! Cheers John.

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        I agree that Boogie's is weak. It was way better a few years ago when the old French couple ran it. Needless to say, they are gone and so is the charm - and the burgers are not good.

        1. re: formerlyfingers

          I have to echo that comment. I haven't been to Boogies for a couple of years, but my one visit was depressing- especially the owner complaining about how the smoking bylaw (the old one, "no smoking if kids present") had destroyed his business.

          1. re: John Manzo

            What's wrong John....don't like a little ash with your burger?? LOL

            A comment like that from an owner of a FOOD establishment says it all.

      2. Tommy's is good. I went their for lunch a couple of weeks ago and was impressed with the food. It's a little pricey - it ends up about $15 for a burger and fries. It'll be a good addition to the downtown scene.

        1. Fabulous garlic and sweet potato fries. The burgers aren't bad (not fabulous), so we end up going when we crave good fries.

          1. The Veggie burger is definitly good though. I've had both that and their Chop salad. Both were very good. Definitely love their onion rings too.

            1. Wow, Boogies takes a skewering. OK, maybe I'll skip it and head to Tommy instead. But a downtown location of Tommy will make it much more convenient for me.I've found the food at Met to be hit-and-miss, though. Are the people who say Rocky's Burger Bus is good similarly mistaken?

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                I've heard great praise and great criticism of Boogies, Rocky's, and Burger Inn, and at one time or another I've meant to try all of them. Now I don't know what to do! Is there anywhere to get a truly great burger here? IMHO, it isn't at Fatburger. This may be blasphemy, but I think Peters' burgers are just OK. Cactus Club makes a pretty tasty burger, and I've heard the Buchanan's makes a great one, though I've never tried. Is Tommy's the place?

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                  Hey, I've been lurking on this board for a while and thought I'd chip in with my two cents. I agree that Boogie's is pretty terrible, Burger Inn is O.K., haven't tried Tommy's, and I think Peter's burgers are pretty average (great shakes, though). I had a really good burger at Dairy Lane (19th St. NW) the other week, good fries too. I should also mention that Dairy Lane is my current preferred breakfast joint, though there can be a bit of a wait on Sat/Sun mornings.

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                    I had a nice burger on a grilled ciabatta bun at Regal Beagle a few weeks ago, really good fries too. There are probably tons of good burgers hiding in bars around town...

                    Burger Inn - I always forget about, for some reason. I love their burgers, hate the hospital cafeteria ambience and hate how they serve on unsupported paper places, accidents waiting to happen.

                    1. re: John Manzo

                      I second the fully loaded burger at the Regal Beagle. It is a delighftul, delicious messy mound of beef, cheese, bacon and 'shrooms and onions cooked in butter.

                      Dairy Lane also has a pretty wicked burger as Nikonoclast mentioned.

                      I went to Tommy's and it was pretty good. I had their daily feature bison burger with sweet potato fires, my friend had the Spolumbo Burger with garlic fries. We split an order of O - Rings (which were lacking - I was hoping for more a flaky breading like A&W rather than that thick Peter's style batter). We also each had a chocolate shake.

                      Cost with tax was around $54 !!!!

                      For that kinda scratch, I would much rather have one of the 2 signature burgers, plus a glass of red at Buchanan's, the best burger in Calgary IMO (order it med or med well, otherwise it is a tad dry)

                      1. re: newJJD

                        I always have the appy ribs at the Beagle, but I'll have to stray from routine and try that burger. If it is half as tasty as those Beagle ribs, it should be great. I'm choked that they closed the one on Centre St as it was so close.

                        And I've got to try a burger at Buchanan's. I usually have the salmon or steak there, both of which are superb. But I've heard from so many people that the burgers are outstanding. It sounds like it would actually be cheaper than Tommy.

              2. Hey all - short time lurker - first time poster.

                I was at the Tommy Burger down south shortly after it opened and I can generally echo the comments here. The burgers are good, but IMO the food is slightly overpriced.

                1. After 4 attempts to dine at Tommy bar (all of which were met with massive line ups, and timely waits) Finally on a Saturday afternoon we managed to grab a table. Firstly I guess I would like to know why it is that places like Tommy, the Met, Earls, Chop House feel that because the waitresses look like Barbie, they must make good service staff. WRONG! I would rather have my meal served to me by a toothless hunchback that knows both the menu and the meaning of the word service. Enough of my service rant though. As for the food; I had the bison burger and while it was thick.. it lacked the juicy pleasure that a $15 burger should provide. The sweet potato fries were pretty good (not as great as Ming, but altogether enjoyable especially for a fry lover like myself) My partner had the blue cheese burger, and he really enjoyed it. The decore was pretty nice, and I was really looking forward to a good burger join near my house, I must admit we haven't returned, and when we are craving a good burger, we opt for the cross city treck to peter's. But until this minute I had forgotten just how good the food is at Bucannons, since leaving DT I haven't been back.. but I do remember 5 years ago the burgers were JUICY and great. Thanks for the reminder.

                  1. Is Tommy's yet to open downtown? If it is yet to open, might anyone know the projected opening date?