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Sep 2, 2007 08:52 AM

21st birthday celebration in Chapel Hill

My daughter turns 21 next weekend so we need recommendations for where to take her to celebrate.

Whenever I am in town, we seem to wind up at Jujube, so we need to find a place she hasn't been to celebrate the ocasion. Sorry, detlefchef :-(

Is there anyplace in Chapel Hill or Carrboro that would be suitably upscale for this celebration? Perhaps one of the hotel dining rooms? Or should we head over to Durham.

A further complication is that her birthday is on Sunday so we need a place that is open on Sundays for dinner.

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  1. You'll have hard time finding stuff open on Sunday. All the better places I can think of are closed. If you could celebrate a day early and want something really special, head over to Magnolia Grill in Durham. Closed on Sundays, though.

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    1. re: termite

      Piedmont is delicious, semi-refined, and open on Sunday. It *is* in Durham, however.

      Piedmont Restaurant
      401 Foster St, Durham, NC 27701

      1. re: rossgrady

        Doh! I can't believe I forgot Piedmont. Strongly seconded!

        1. re: termite

          Piedmont has a nice atmosphere, but I can't recommend it for any type of special occasion. I ate there on Friday, and it was honestly one of the worst meals I have ever had in recent memory. Given the generally positive feedback it has received on this board I would be willing to write it off as a one time thing, but the experience was shared by all members of my party.

          On the other hand, I ate at Herons at the Umstead Hotel in Cary last night. While a bit of a commute and a bit overpriced for the area, the meal, atmosphere, and service were absolutely excellent in every way. I would highly recommend it, and it is open on Sunday nights.

    2. Sundays are tough around here. I think the Piedmont recommendation is going to be the best one. I think Vin Rouge is also open Sunday nights.

      1. In Carrboro, both Panzanella and Acme are open for dinner on Sundays. I haven't been to Acme in a very long time, but I always have a wonderful (and delicious) time at Panzanella, and I bet they could make you a nice festive birthday dessert. Both have their dinner menus online, if you haven't been before I suggest checking them out.

        Sorry I only linked to Acme - for some reason the linking function stopped working halfway through my post.

        Acme Food & Beverage Co
        110 E Main St, Carrboro, NC 27510

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        1. re: dubedo

          I would second Acme as a suggestion - it's some of the better food i've had since moving down here last winter, and the atmosphere is really pleasant. I especially like the focus on local ingredients. It's not Chez Panisse, but we shared a very nice plate of local tomatoes, and many of my foodie friends/coworkers (all NY/DC/LA/SF transplants) swear by the Alison's Farm Fried Chicken.

          1. re: drawn

            Shoot, Acme is open Monday. Check on Sunday evening. That's how I wound up eating there.
            Their food is fantastically fresh & local. I had a wild blackberry crumble that was amazing. Better than the best place in New York City for sure & I'm a former New Yorker.

            1. re: Rory

              We gave our daughter the choice of the various suggestions and we are headed to Acme.

              Thanks for all the suggestions and I will report back on the experience.


          You will have a delicious and memorable evening at La Residence! If you don't make it on this trip, please make plans to go in the future. My favorite place to go when I leave Raleigh for my alma mater!

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          1. re: Tehama

            Both Panzanella & Acme are open Sunday, they close Monday. Acme is upscale inside, New Yorkish with a large menu.

            Panzanella more mellow, but fabulous food & the chef is very amiable.

            1. re: Rory

              I have really grown to love Panzanella in the past few months. Not sure I'd consider it a special b-day destination, but definitely one of my current favorite dinner places.

            2. re: Tehama

              La Rez is her current hangout. Only a few blocks from where she lives.

              Can't go there for the 21st as they think she has been 21 for some time!

              1. re: brentk

                hahaha! that was too funny! I literally was laughing out loud.

                I will never get tired of that patio and the twinkly lights!

                Please let me know where you decide to go. When I go to Chapel Hill now it is either La Rez or Lantern... I need a new place, too!

            3. Piedmont is excellent choice -- but if she is turning 21 on Sunday then why not take her to the bar at lantern on Saturday night-- great late night menu and great cocktails -- open and serve until 2AM -- so a nice way to start her birthday. Then Piedmont after you wake up on Sunday!

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              1. re: green chower

                I have to chuckle at that suggestion, green chower. I think the last people on earth she would want to celebrate with on Saturday night in Chapel Hill would be her parents!

                Good suggestion, though, but we'll have to do that on another night.