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Sep 2, 2007 08:06 AM

Visiting Miami University of Ohio need recs

We are planning a weekend trip to Oxford Ohio the end of this month and need some local recommendations for some good eats. Thanks

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  1. Are you visiting a student? Our son likes the smokin' ox for barbecue. The pulled porkmis dood. We {the parents} like the high street grill. There are decent burgar and sandwich spots also.

    1. not fancy (even a local chain but...) if you've never had cincinnati chili you should try it! i know there's a skyline nearby. just be prepped it's kind of spicy greek meat sauce and tastes nothing like texas chili. but it's fabulous - and a locallly loved institution.

      1. This isn't a restaurant, but if you are looking for something to do or going into Cincinnati, be sure to stop by Jungle Jim's grovery store. This is a HUGE market carrying every kind of international ingredient possible. Can't remember if they have food to be purchased, but you need to see it at least once. They have been written up by all sorts of places like the New York Times and Business Week. It's about 45-60 min from Oxford.

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          it's FABULOUS. foodie heaven but with enough kitsch to keep the kids entertained while you shop. it's in fairfield - northwest of cincy so i'd bet it's not that far. you can get some food there but it's not a restaurant destination - mainly chains around it too.

        2. jfood did the college swing with little jfood last year and ate in a sandwich shop on the main drag in downtown oxford (a very cute town) on the left hand side. It had great sandwiches, very fresh with lots of choices for both M&M jfood and little jfood. Someone more local can probably give more color and a name.

          Good luck on your Steel Wheels Tour.

          1. try kona bistro. owned and operated by two MU alums. Fresh with an emphasis on local, seasonal--casual but not too casual.

            something for everyone on the menu.