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Sep 2, 2007 07:22 AM

Any vegetarian faves for Rosh Hashonah?

I usually just make a stuffed vegetable and some soup but I'd love some new ideas.

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  1. Israeli couscous with diced root vegetables is delicious, and well-received by my guests each year.
    Syrian roasted potatoes with garlic, paprika and allspice also makes a terrific bed upon which to serve roasted vegetables.
    Try marinating sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, and carrots in wine vinegar, brown sugar, thyme, rosemary, and garlic, and roasting them in pyrex, covered for 1 hour and then uncovered, basting frequently, for another hour at 350. Serve over couscous.

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      Great idea rruben with the seasonal vegetables, baby beets would be great with that also.

    2. I would make a vegetarian couscous with many root vegetables, zuchini and chick peas.

      1. I make a lovely (dairy) kugel with very small egg noodles. I blend cottage cheese, sour cream (or yogurt), worchester, small onion, a little tobasco, s & p in the food processor and then mix with the very fine egg noodles. Top with parmesean cheese and paprika (sometimes smoked paprika) and bake for @ one hour. Yum.

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          Chicgail -

          Would you please post ingredient amounts for the kugel?


        2. I make vegetarian stuffed cabbage every year. I stuff it with Rice (or any grain for that matter) in the past I have added tofu, but usually I sautee the inner cabbage leaves (that I cannot use for stuffing. Garlic, Onions, Celery, raisins and any other vegetabels you like. I then stuff the cabbage and braise it in a sweet and sour tomato broth, just like you would meat stuffed cabbage. . This dis is definately better the second day

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            Thanks for your good ideas. I went and bought a few of the ingredients yesterday. My vegetarian guests will be well fed.
            chicgail, I never thought of a savory cheese kugel. I usually make the traditional sweet one. Do you make a potato kugel too?

            1. re: lucyis

              if they're ovo-lacto vegetarians [will eat dairy & eggs] i have some great healthy, savory vegetable kugel recipes...spinach, broccoli, layered vegetable...take your pick. you can make them with noodles or matzo meal [hey, it's handy for more than just passover!]

          2. my mom makes awesome vegetarian chopped liver with lentils and walnuts.

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              Is she willing to share the recipe?

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                the lentil-walnut pate from 'real food daily' in los angeles is fantastic stuff. i lucked out & found a link to the recipe from their cookbook...


                i actually also discovered a bunch of different recipes on the web when i was looking for it a while back...


                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  there was a recipe for a mushroom pate on here once that is good