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potato bread...where?

Hello CH-ers

Does anyone know where I can find potato breads and rolls besides Thuet's variation?

I've checked out a range of places in the GTA with no luck. I especically love Martin's potato rolls, but I can't even find these in Buffalo. Does anyone know where to find any potato bread products?


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  1. My Market Bakery in Kensington Market has a potato rosemary loaf that's great.

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      I second My Market Bakery. They also sell potato bagels I believe.

      My Market Bakery
      184 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

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        I love those potato breads from My Market, so moist. Although I'm pretty sure they're smaller than they were 6 months ago. I love to eat them with a little butter.

    2. Fred's Bread also does one. I've seen it at All the Best Fine Foods and sometimes Summerhill Market, and Pusateri's. St. John's is also very good.

      1. My local Sobeys carries both Potato Foccaccia loaves and Potato Focaccia Rolls. Both are excellent.

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            The Sobey's near my place (Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton) has potato/chive bread, I think. Pretty good, considering the source.

          2. Every Sobey's store carries a variation of poato bread / potato roll. Choose one, any one. Delicious stuff! Mine has a potato and cheddar bread sometimes, potato and scallion bread at others, and a potato and rosemary bread frequently as well.

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              The Thin Blue Line cheese shop on Roncesvalles has a great potato bread. It's amazing with the Guiness cheddar they sell as well.

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                Are all of these potato breads wheat free?

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                  potato bread generally has mashed potato added to a white bread base, so no.

            2. I occasionally pick up a loaf of potato-rosemary from a vendor at the Withrow Park farmers' market (Saturday mornings). They don't have a name, but they're usually the only vendor selling baked goods aside from the ubiquitous St John's Bakery table.

              It has a very soft and doughy type of texture that I love, though I know that others prefer a loaf with a bit more "bite" to it. If that's what you've got in mind, I second the suggestion of the Fred's Bread potato loaf, which is more of a chewy/crispy type of crust.

              1. My in-laws served some wonderful potato bread once, obtained locally in the Rice Lake area where they life.

                It seems like you already have a wide range of options much closer to the city, but if you'd like me to ask them where they purchased it let me know and I can do so.