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Sep 2, 2007 06:21 AM

Best fresh pasta in Boston/western suburbs area?

I am making a 4 course dinner (stealing the menu from a wonderful 10 Tables wine pairing dinner I had) and am looking for ideas on where to get the best fresh pasta - specifically gnocchi. any ideas?

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  1. Ben,

    Our favorite fresh pasta is from Venda Ravioli in Providence, if that's not too far for you to drive.

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    1. re: tbiscaia

      We always stock up at Venda Ravioli when we are in Providence, but I think all there pasta is frozen. I do agree it is great though. Russo's in Waltham carries fresh pasta but I don't think gnocchi. J. Pace in Boston has frozen gnocchi that is pretty good.

      1. re: Fort Point

        On reflection am trying to remember if up by the cash registers there may be some fresh pastas at Venda. Worth a call before going. Also on Salem St in the North End there is a deli that sells fresh pasta: can't remember the name but I believe it is near the corner with Prince St.

        1. re: Fort Point

          It's Monica's Salumeria.

          Her fresh pasta sauces are wonderful.

          1. re: Fort Point

            In addition to Monica's, Albas Produce on Parmenter sells fresh/frozen and Tutto Italiana on Fleet also carries it.

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        1. I, too, love Venda Ravioli in Providence. Most of their basic pastas can be bought fresh by asking for it at the register. There is a display with the fresh pasta next to the register that the counter people have access too. Their frozen gorgonzola/walnut ravioli are the best I've had. Serinos in Hyde Park has very good homemade linguini, shells, etc. Their raviolis don't have enough filling and their red sauce is watery so I get them at Vendas.. I haven't tried the gnocci from Serinos,

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          1. re: catsmeow

            Pasta D'ora on Ferry street in Everett is awesome especially their lobster ravioli. I haven't tried their gnocchi yet.

            1. re: phatchris

              Venda Ravioli is great! Also the prices are half the price of boston and new york. They also have this marinated wild mushroom salad that is gorgeous and delicious.

              1. re: hoplover

                And, there white anchovies are only about $12. a pound.

          2. I highly recommend Venda Ravioli. They have basic fresh pasta by the register..linguine, fettucine,etc. And the filled pasta is frozen but fantastic! They also have fresh sheet of lasagne. They make their own sauce as well. I recommend the pink vodka sauce. Do also try some of their cheese. Their price on Great Hill blue cheese is good. As well as romano and parm's. Excellent sandwiches too! Head down the street too for some fresh baked breads...forgot the name, I think Scalino Bros? very good. If you need dessert, go one street over and get one of the summer fruit tarts at Pastiche. Out of this world. Cannot say enough about Venda. I'm a RI transplant here in NH and severly stock up every time I visit the family in RI.