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Sep 2, 2007 06:18 AM

Farmers' Markets Near Hampton Roads

Just moved to Norfolk, VA -- any tips on good farmers' markets in the Hampton Roads area I can hit before the season ends. Would be willing to drive an hour or two for good heirloom tomatoes...

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  1. Norfolk has a Farmer's Market that is pretty good - The Five Points Community Farm Market. I haven't been in a few weeks, though so I don't know what they have right now.
    The main location is the the "Five Points" neighborhood on Norview Ave and Chesapeake. They are opened 10-2 Mon-Sat I think. There is also a nice, newer location downtown just outside MacArthur Mall opened Th-Sat 10-2

    Williamsburg's Farmers' Market is suppossed to be really nice and Newport News also has one that I've seen ads for.
    Good Luck

    1. Stoney's on First Colonial Road directly across the street from Sentara Beach General. Everything is hand picked & polished - top shelf quality! Billy & Lynn Hudgins ( proprietors ) are wonderful !

      1. There is a farmer's market in Virginia Beach. It is open year round and the little diner there has good food.

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          At the corner of Princess Anne Rd and Landstown near the VB amphitheatre. Just FYI.