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Sep 2, 2007 05:58 AM


Was Chickpea (the one at Astor Place) ever kosher? I thought it used to be, but when I went by there the other day there was no hashgacha, and it looked like a mezuzah had been taken down?

Their website says they are kosher, but doesn't give any information about supervision.

My assumption is that it is not kosher now, but if anyone knows otherwise, please tell!


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  1. It used to be. But from what I know, Rabbi Bronstein pulled the hashgachah early January, before he passed away -- and they never got new hashgachah...

    1. They also now 'toast' their falafel instead of frying. Sure, less oil but c'mon....

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        My wife tried the falafel salad w/the toasted faalfel. She said it was terrible

      2. According to the owners at least, they are still using kosher meats.