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Sep 2, 2007 04:48 AM

Four Seasons Istanbul

We are visiting Istanbul for the first time and are staying at the Four Seasons. What are some good restaurants in walking distance ? Is tipping proper etiquette in Turkey ? is english widely spoken ?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Balikci Sabahattin. Walking distance from hotel. Seating in outdoor patio. Cold and hot mezzes and very fresh fish. Loved it so much we went back a second time while we were there. Hotel is wonderful - best service ever - excellent location in old city.

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        We were walking around the city and ran into the restaurant you recommended. It was great ! We enjoyed it immensely.
        The Four Seasons was super. Great food and service. Thanks.

      2. Pardon the interruption, but we've removed some non-chow discussions. Please help us keep the discussion focused on recommendations for good restaurants for the OP.


        1. In the evening take a stroll between the blue mosque and the Aya Sofya, turn right into the Hippodrome which brings you to the very busy Divan Yolu. Turn left up this street and you will find many authentic places to eat the most divine kofte and sis kebap such as Sultanahmet Koftecisi and Sultanahmet Meshur Halk Koftecisi. In places like this you dine with locals (mostly men) but some families after work or Mosque. A great experience!