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Sep 2, 2007 03:16 AM

Bristol, RI today-- looking for recs.

Hi everyone,

We are heading to Bristol, RI today. I'm trying to convince my husband that we should relocate to the RI coast so I want to make sure we have a great lunch. I am looking for a casual seafood place with a great lobster roll. We have a 1 year old, so we want to go somewhere baby friendly. I'd also love recs for good coffee shops, bakeries, pizza, local specialties, etc. The recs don't have to be limited to Bristol. We will be coming down through Barrington and will also head to Warren and then probably will look around Warwick if we have time.


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  1. Hi caroline,
    Casual seafood place with a great lobster roll is definitely the calling card of Quito's. Its a traditional clam shack over looking Bristol Harbor. For something a little more upscale try the Lobster Pot, BUT if you want to really impress your husband, the absolute best restaurant in Bristol is Persimmon. Although it is not someplace to take a 1 year old, it is however an incredible place for a nice romantic dinner with your husband. I have lived in Bristol all my life and I can not envision myself ever moving we not only have some great restaurants, but we also are close enough to Providence and Newport to also enjoy what they offer.

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      If your husband loves good beer, he'd certainly be impressed by what's on tap at Aidan's. And the place is as close to a real Irish pub as anything I've ever found in the States. Food is pretty good too and it's family-friendly. But for what you're looking for today, I'd second slima's rec of Quito's.

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        le central is another really good place too.dont forget the bristol bakery on wood st,or nicks seafood or andrades catch for the freshest seafood anywhere.theres also a couple of good portuguese places around ,central cafe and terra something or another on child st in warren.we cant wait for goglias to reopen,hand cut meats.home made sausages ,etc.they look like it should be anyday ,yahoo!!!bristols a foodie heaven,just dont tell to many people,thanks

    2. Thanks everyone- We went to Quito's and it was great and a fine place for our baby. He loved watching all the action. After that, we got ice cream at the Daily Scoop, which was also delicious and much more bang for your buck than any place around Boston.

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        Caroline.... What did you eat?We might have to give it a shot this week.