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Any good sushi recommendations in KC area?

I moved from South Florida to Overland Park, Kansas over six months ago. Boy do I miss good diversity! Recommendations would be highly appreciated! Places I've tried so far and my thoughts:
(the quality of fish is definately not as good as where I am from, then again, there doesn't seem to be as many sushi places here, in Florida we actually have better quality fish at our sushi buffets :/ )
Sakura: They have this train that goes around and there are pieces of rolls and sushi on plates that you take off and they charge you according to the color of the plate. The fish quality is so/so, but doable,not much variety in rolls though. I have to say it satisfies a sushi craving, but not a place i'd rave about.
Sushi Gin: Better roll selection, and they have these $1 sushi specials, better than Sakura, but the food comes out pretty slow paced. The fish quality is pretty decent.
Sushi House: is one of the better sushi places i've been to so far. The fish quality better than the other 2 places I've gone to so far and have some different appetizers.

Someone recommended Jun's, went there on Sunday and they were closed, will try it next. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Try Kaiyo when you have a chance. I find the food to be consistent and tasty.

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      Thanks! Looked it up online is this the location ?
      4308 W 119th St
      Leawood, KS 66209

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          Went there for dinner last night and it was the best sushi I've had since I've moved to Kansas. Thanks!

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            Does Kaiyo have the sushi on little plates on the little conveyor belt? I have a family friend visiting who does not read English. He can identify the fish on the plates, bypassing the need to read the menu. Or does anyone know if Kaiyo have a menu in Chinese or Japanese? I am not too crazy about the idea of going all the way to Sakura just for so-so sushi on a conveyor belt.

            The last time my mom visited KC, she was CONVINCED that I took her to a buffet type restaurant with some kind of all you can eat sushi bar in the back. I have no idea what restaurant she is talking. The only restaurant I can think of that might come close is one in Lawrence, some kind of BD Mongolian BBQ. Could this be the one? I can't imagine going all the way to Lawrence to take my mom to a place like that. Does anyone have any ideas for all you can eat sushi?

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              At Kaiyo, I believe Karen Ming speaks some dialect of Chinese, not sure which one. Give them a call (913-663-1663) and inquire, because if they don't have a Chinese or Japanese language menu, I bet they can make some accomodation. Ask for Karen or David when you call.

              I've not seen all you can eat sushi in the metro, and I've not been to Lawrence for sushi except once years ago at the place on Mass (was underwhelmed), so I can't help on that one. I hope your mom has a good trip!

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        We tried Kaiyo last night. The sushi was delicious, slightly better than Sushi House. The atmosphere was really relaxed so we enjoyed the dinner without the crowd or hype.

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          I've been to Kaiyo several times, and really like the sashimi.

          Yesterday, I had the sashimi lunch, and I thought it was a steal at $13

          I also like Jun's, but, find it a little pricey.

          I've been to Kyoto a few times. It seems decent enough - good bang for the buck. I'm not always in the mood for the loud teppanyaki shows.

        2. Hi. I am biased toward KCMO for diversity, but that said I second the recommendation of Jun's. It is easily the best Sushi in Kansas City. Sit at the bar on Thrs., Fri. or Sat. and let John or Gao take care of you.

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            Thanks for the tip, I'll ask for John or Gao at the sushi bar!

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              Jun's is absolutely amazing. their Ika fry is deliciously tender!

            2. I would reccomend Nara in the Crossroads, I had some last week that was pretty good. http://narakc.com/

              1. Question about Sushi Gin. I've looked at their roll menu a couple of times and have noticed that something called a 'crab stick' is commonly used. What is a crab stick? Is it deep fried imitation crab? I've thought about take out a couple of times from Sushi Gin, but the term crab stick has always turned me off.

                I'm still new to KC so I'm far from comprehensive in my knowledge of the local Sushi, but I've found Friends Sushi and Bentos on West 39th to be decent. I'm at the med center so it's the obvious choice for lunch or a quick bite after work.

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                  Crab stick should be imitation crab meat made from fish.

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                    Exactly what I feared. Bummer. Thanks for the tip.

                2. I used to frequent Sakura (I'm pregnant now, so I don't get my sushi fix at all!) I agree w/ your review. Although, I found it to be one of the better estab's in the Shawnee/ Lenexa area for sushi. I have also tried Sushi Gin. Not overly-impressed, but would definitely return if the opportunity presented itself. I am a huge fan though of KYOTO. Located at 135th/ Metcalf. They serve up some of the best sushi I have tried in the KC area. I visited San Fran over the summer, and nothing will compare to We B Sushi located in the Spanish district. Very fresh. In Kansas City, I would give my best recommendation to Kyoto. They have an excellent steakhouse as well.

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                    When I was also of the pregnant persuasion I did some serious sushi research. Turns out you *can* eat cooked sushi (california rolls, Unagi, Ebi, Soft shell crab roll, etc...) if you are so inclined.

                    And Kaiyo has a grill just for the Unagi. It's amazing!!!


                  2. I went to Sushi Haru from recommendations from other ppl. They have different types of rolls compared to other places. I like their crispy rice, which is under sushi, it is spicy tuna on top of crispy rice, nice contrast, something to try if you like spicy tuna.

                    1. How about Domo in Brookside?

                      Or Kona Grill on the Plaza?

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                        Went to Domo this week for the first time. Service was painfully slow - an hour and a half for two people on a Wednesday night. Sushi was fine. Nothing amazing, in my opinion. I will go back.

                        I've been to the Kona Grill in Chicago. I had the pad thai , not the sushi. Honestly, it was okay, but it was about $14, I think and there are better pad thais out there. Not my thing, personally.

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                          Too bad about Domo - I haven't been yet but have hear mixed reviews. Nothing terrible but some love it and some are like you and can live w/out. I'll have to try it and see.

                          Kona's sushi is pretty good albeit pricey.

                      2. Best sushi I've ever had is at Wa in Lawrence. It's at 8th & Mass in downtown Lawrence next door to Tellers.

                        1. I moved back here from NOLA not too long ago, I know how you feel about missing really fresh fish. I've tried a few (well, several) sushi restaurants here and in lawrence and this is what i've got for you:
                          Wa (lawrence) - pretty good, almost everything is cooked however
                          Sushi House- mediocre, pretty standard and never tastes as fresh as it should
                          Kyoto - Had a good sashimi salad here, but it was topped with an acidic dressing which would have masked any "fishiness", most of the menu consisted of cooked items
                          Domo- good sushi, unpredictable service, somewhat overpriced
                          Jun's- easily the best sushi in town, without question, always the freshest fish, order off the white board, the rolls could be more creative i suppose
                          Kona- reasonably priced, good atmosphere, seriously lacking in good raw fish, or good raw rolls in general (tuna, salmon, BORING) but the volcano roll more than makes up for it.

                          I'm def. looking for good raw sushi nearer to corporate woods, 1-435/ US 69 or in Lenexa near 87th... I get tired of driving 30 minutes to Jun's

                          1. I'm originally from OC, California and was so sad when I moved here because I didn't think there was going to be good sushi. I found Kato in KC, North of the River. Let me just say, I'm a bit apprehensive when people give recommendations because I end up finding out sushi to people sushi means cooked rolls. I mean REAL sushi. Kato is the BOMB! Fresh, great sashimi! The owner, John, is great. Sushi chef is Jimmy. They are always open to making customized dishes. I now go in there and have him make my favs like: asparagus & cucumber rolled in salmon, on a bed of daikon, topped off with ponzu sauce, onions, bonito flakes and some spicy radish. Divine! Also, the toro there is absolutely to die for. Better than CA on the days the have it. Uni is always fresh, my fiance is big on the shooters with quail egg. I myself love Monkfish liver, and they have it here. They buy from Chicago and have it shipped twice a week. For those who are looking for cooked stuff, they have a really good extensive menu.


                            Cooked: ask Jimmy to make you the "shrimp boat".

                            Raw: Toro, Uni, Monkfish liver, Hamachi belly, cevichi (call in ahead of time for this)

                            Price is a bit up there compared to what I used to pay in CA, but since it's authentic, I'm willing to pay that to get good fish in the Midwest.

                            Kato Japanese Cuisine


                            6340 NW Barry Road
                            Kansas City, MO 64154


                            Mon-Thur 11:30am-2:30pm and 5:00pm-10:00pm

                            Fri 11:30am-2:30pm and 5:00pm-10:00pm

                            Sat 11:30am-10:00pm

                            Sun. 11:30am-9:30pm

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                              Thanks for your recommendation for Kato might try it out tonight since I am picking someone up from the airport and will be in the area! Lately, I've been ordering sashimi grade fish from online and making sushi and ceviche at home.

                            2. I've heard good things about Domo in Brookside. Haven't tried it yet but want to get there some day.

                              1. I'm an Asian from Southern California who moved here 10 years ago this month... one of the first things I did when I moved here was scope out all the best sushi spots. It's an ongoing quest, but here are my top recommendations in no particular order:
                                1. Izumi - Not on most people's lists, I know... but it's a hidden gem!
                                2. Kyoto - it's a bit of drive for most, but worth it. Saw a couple KC Cheifs eating there on more than one occassion. LOL
                                3. Sushi House - it's pricey, but again worth it. They got some creative sushi chefs there with an eye towards edible art.
                                4. Jun's - Fresh sushi and it's a family-friendly atmosphere. The service might be slow on weekends, but weekdays are no problem.

                                Honorable Mentions:
                                1. KC Sushi - I like their AYCE deal on Sundays... but still, it's not fantastic sushi in any regard, just a lot of decent sushi for one reasonable price on Sundays.
                                2. Kona Grill - I like the vibe and ambiance more than the sushi b/c it's on the Plaza and it's a fun atmosphere for 20-30 somethings, but I have to say some of the specialty rolls and their sashimi (esp. the yellowtail with the jalapeno slivers... just heaven).
                                3. Mr. Le's - Sushi here is above average, but it's a hole in the wall. I prefer my sushi with some eye-pleasing decor... this place is seriously no frills, but if that's what you're into, by all means check it out and you'll be satisfied with the quality of the food.

                                If you're in the mood for buffet-sushi... you're not going to find a "Todai's quality sushi buffet" here in KC. The closest thing to a decent sushi buffet is Legend of Asia in Blue Springs.

                                1. Harus - TERRIBLE. There just aren't any words for this place.
                                2. Matsu - Sad how this place used to be OK... it's gone downhill bigtime.

                                That's my 2-cents... ENJOY! There are plenty of places to check out and KC has a wide variety of sushi joints to dine at.

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                                  I'm in town for business and will be staying downtown. It doesn't seem like any of these recommendations are anywhere near downtown. Anything good in the area? I have a car but would prefer to stay close.

                                  1. re: debbie421

                                    Closest to downtown would be Nara

                                    Next would probably be Friends Sushi & Bento in Westport which is really popular.

                                    1. re: debbie421

                                      I haven't tried it, but here is a new place downtown in the Power & Light district:

                                      I do highly recommend Bristol in the P&L. They have a couple sushi items and they have a great happy hour deal. I like the blue point oysters. http://www.bristolseafoodgrill.com/me...

                                  2. Kokoro Maki House in Waldo - also not open on Sunday. And Domo in Brookside. Give those a shot. We like Jun's too.