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Sep 1, 2007 07:36 PM

SweetGreen in Gtown

I went to this choose-your-own salad place for dinner tonight. In NYC these places are a dime-a-dozen, but DC has very few of these if any (Cosi does not count). It's a small little shop up on M St with a few tables outside. The salad ingredients were all very fresh and the portions were generous. Lots of different options. They also have the frozen Pinkberry-kind yogurt. It's a reasonable price for a make-your-own salad place. I suggest checking it out.

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  1. I also just tried this place for the first time this week, and I was favorably impressed. It's a really nice addition to the neighborhood. But be careful about choosing meat or cheese toppings for your salad. The menu is a little confusing to read, but you're charged extra for those. I was quite impressed by the variety of options available. Try the white balsamic vinaigrette, very yummy.

    1. How was the frozen yogurt? I'm dying to find a good fro-yo place without having to trek to NY.

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        In South Riding out 50W just past Chantilly is a place called Iceberry. I think they are close to Pinkberry . The plain flavor has a bit of a tang. They have fruit as well as fruity peebles and other things for toppings. I'm normally a chocolate person (whenever there is a choice) but I LOVE the plain.

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          Would you happen to have an address or more a more precise location for Iceberry?

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          Just tried it for the first time - was *hoping* it would be Pinkberry-esque, but this yogurt actually had no flavor - I mean it literally tasted like nothing, just cold and smooth. The flavor is called "Plain Tart," but there wasn't even a hint of tart. I don't know if this was an off night, or if there are actually two flavors, but I got no tart at all, which was quite disappointing. Has someone really had vanilla-tart yogurt there? Also, the fruit toppings were less-than fresh & ripe, but wasn't terrible. Just okay really.

          In the other thread about Fro-Yo on the board, there are some very promising looking shops coming to the area in the Fall - notably, Snowberry and Lollicup. Though it is not clear whether they will be in VA instead of DC.

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            I think TangySweet's original is pretty close to Pinkberry. After moving here from LA my Pinkberry cravings were intense, and Tangysweet has satisfied. Just pretend they don't have all those other flavors. There's one on 7th (at F st I think) and one in Dupont Circle area.

          2. If anyone has had a salad to-go, has it traveled well?

            1. I stopped by, after having read the Post article on the Gtown boys who opened it, and loved the fro yo. As a lover of not too sweet sweets, this was fabulous - light and creamy - and the fruit add ins were all fresh and good. Only complaint was it was a bit messy and the guy serving me seemed more intent on finishing his own yogurt than getting me some (which I understood more after I ate it!). Going back to try the salads, as all the ingredients looked pretty tasty.

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                I agree that the yogurt at Sweetgreen is tasty--it's a good approximation of the pinkberry yogurt that's so addictive. The thing that prevents me from wholeheartedly endorsing it (and keeps me from going more often myself) is that for the price ($4 for a small with three toppings) it's not considerably cheaper than pinkberry, however they are significantly less generous about their toppings. We're talking a meager plastic (!) teaspoon sprinkling of each of the three toppings. Additionally, the service is lackluster, slow and unprofessional--there's a line even during off hours, which confuses me considering there's usually at least three servers behind the counter in addition to a guy at the cash register every time I've been there. Even if there's no one in line ahead of me, i've had to wait, due to the lack of attention the kids behind the counter pay to their customers. It's one of the few ways you can tell this place is run by inexperienced kids--it feels as if they're all just doing it for a lark and not looking to run a serious and efficient business. Some people might chalk this up to local charm, but for the money and the fancy professionally designed interior, I'm expecting a similar level of polish with the running of the joint. I'm hoping these guys can get it together so I'll have a reason to pay them more visits. Right now, I only tolerate the service and meager portions because they're the only place in DC that serves pinkberry-style yogurt. Once that changes and pinkberry and its competitors come to town, these guys are going to have to stay on their toes.

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                  Ok, I finally hit up SweetGreen for some yogurt. I actually went two days in a row (got to get it while the weather is warm!). I really liked it, it's slightly tangy without being over powering, light and tasty. I got strawberry, peach and almonds as my toppings both times and my only real complaint is that the second time the server was uber chintzy with the toppings. I mean like three almond slices and two strawberry pieces. I would have said something if it wasn't so crowded, but it was. Also, it was almost as if he were afraid of just smooshing the toppings on. They need to talk to their staff.

                  But otherwise, I'll certainly be headed back there.

              2. I went to SweetGreen this past weekend. I really enjoyed the salad I had. It was one of the pre-designed ones. Can't remember the name exactly but I think it was the Parisian one. It had really nice tasting turkey (didn't taste fake or gross at all), brie, almonds and a champagne dressing. Very nice, refreshing tasting.

                I didn't try the yogurt because I just wanted a light lunch.

                The line wasn't too bad when I went but man that place is teeny tiny. I sat at one of the tables outside, right in front of the restaurant. My only real complain is that the tables in the little alley area I didn't even want to look at. There was trash EVERYWHERE. The outside area was a real mess. It was a major turn off. Now I realize the staff might have been super busy making salads etc and I was watching them at around 2-3pm, towards the tail end of the lunch rush. But still. There were plastic bowls, newspapers, plastic silverware, bottles etc all over the place. This are isn't closed off from the street or sidewalk too much so it could easily blow down the street and I'm sure that will start to piss off the neighbors if this persists.

                I'm wondering if they are planning on moving into a larger space because when I walked by a much larger, empty building area right down the street I could have sworn I saw some SweetGreen salad sign leaning up against a back wall. Anyone know?

                I was very happy with my salad though and welcome this new slew of salad restaurants as a move away from Cosi (blah salad that I always end up with.) I just wish it was closer to Eastern Market so I could go there for lunch or Dupont for dinner.

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                  Okay, so I really don't know what everyone is talking about. Sweetgreen is pretty god awful. It is overpriced and simply not good. I spent 11 bucks for a salad that I really could have gotten from the salad bar at Safeway. Yes, I've heard that their frozen yogurt is good...but it is January, I could care less about frozen yogurt. As a fellow Georgetownian I feel bad bashing a food hut started by some Gtown students, but it is just not any good. They are doing very well though...

                  Bottom line is, if you want to pay 11 bucks for a subpar salad, grab a trash bag and hit up your local Giant salad bar. SUBPAR!

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                    Haha, this made me laugh. I've been back and have to agree this place isn't as great as I hyped it to be. Come on, though, it's better than Safeway! I think I was craving vegs and the CONCEPT more than anything. Even though Chop't is expensive, they are a NYC chain that works.

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                      Just went to the new one in Bethesda- liked it- my basic salad of mix-ins of my choice ( mesclun, hearts of palm, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, avocado, candied walnuts- dijon dressing) was very good. I also enjoyed the yogurt w/ mini choc chips. SLightly tangy but not overpowering. It was clean and the staff was accomodating. Great addition to Bethesda and seem to be doing extremely well/crowded.

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                        Went to Chop't last week before a movie and it was pretty horrible! the salad was so hard to eat because it's like minced into tiny undefined pieces. And the dressing has no flavor.

                        Sweet Green gets points b/c they give us the "drips" from the yogurt machine for our dog to eat...so I can't hate on them while they continue to do that!