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Sep 1, 2007 07:24 PM

Brickwall - Asbury Park

With hour waits at many restaurants along Cookman, we were lucky to get a table at the Brickwall tonight. All in all the food was mediocre at best while the service was very friendly and helpful. We started with an order of the grilled chicken wings and the stuffed artichoke (which came highly recommended by our server). The wings were somewhat burnt and nothing special while the artichoke was a little too much after the first few leaves (stuffed with cheese and bread crumbs and ladled with butter). For mains, two of my kids had the mac and cheese (homemade and pretty good), while the third had a half order of ribs with fries (the best item of the night). My wife ordered the grilled yellow fin tuna with corn and broccoli while I had the hanger steak with cheese grits and red beans and rice (both mains were also recommended by the server). Both our mains were pretty bad. The tuna was sent back after one bite. It was woefully undercooked and had no flavor at all. My hanger steak while edible wasn't much better. It was overcooked and tasted solely of burnt meat.The sides were also pretty bad, both the grits and the rice had hardened to an unappealing consistency. My kids still wanting dessert ordered the brownie ala mode which was pretty good as the brownie was warm and gooey. I do however see some redeeming qualities in this place. While the food wasn't that good, the people and atmosphere were. I could see going for a few drinks at the bar while watching a game on those nice flat screen tv's and nibbling on some apps or a burger. How bad can they be?

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  1. Actually, on my one visit I had the Hanger Steak, with different sides (mashed & veg) and enjoyed it. My wife ordered the Burger, and I have to say it was excellent! It was definately one of the best I've had. My visit was last winter, I just haven't had a chance to get back. I do remember that it was early evening on a weeknight, so I'm sure the kitchen is under much less stress - off season on a weeknight!

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      been to brickwall 5 times now. great place to grab a beer and something to eat but i know we're not gonna get top notch food. the service has improved tremendously over the past year, but that's about all. last time i ordered the hanger steak also, which was cooked all right- but i asked for it au poivre(which is an option on the menu) and was told they might be out of it. when it came out with au poivre on the side, the server asked me how it was because they were out of it and SHE explained to the cook ow to make it! well, at that point i couldn't say it was mediocre(which it was). my mac and cheese was creamy, but not very cheesy. it was better on previous trips. it's hit or miss, if you know that going in, you won't be dissapointed.