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Sep 1, 2007 07:22 PM

baby friendly at the Roundout, Kingston?

Looking for a nice but unpretentious meal tomorrow night at the Roundout in Kingston. We will have a baby with us. Is there a place that would be good for this? We live in Rhinebeck/Rhinecliff and want to go out for a nice last dinner before going back to work after summer vacation. Normally, we'd go to somewhere in Rhinebeck like Gigi's or in Red Hook like Mercato. But now with a baby, we need something a little less upscale and we've never been to a restaurant on the Kingston side. The Roundout is tempting as we'd like to sit by the water and relax with that a bit. Is there anything good there?

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  1. if you don't find your answer on the rondout, armadillo (on abeel, 2 minute drive from rondout) is very good food and the owner takes special care when kids come...

    1. Hickory BBQ , on Route 28, about 10 minutes outside of Kingston (845-338-2124). Excellent BBQ. Actually, I don't particulalry care for their ribs, but other items, such as the turkey, and the slmon, are just excellent. tehy also have a wide array of side dishes which are delicious. It;s definitely baby friendly, as it is casual but still very nice.