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Sep 1, 2007 06:14 PM

Logan-area favorites

Looking for best bets within walking distance (long walks okay) of Logan Circle—which could include anything in that neighborhood, U. Street/Shaw, Dupont and probably some other areas I'm not as familiar with. Trying to appease my boyfriend and usual dining date, who prefers not to make a night out of transportation.
Open to any and all suggestions, though ideas for Indian, Ethiopian/other African, Middle Eastern, Japanese, and restaurants devoted to sustainable/organic/local ingredients would be especially appreciated. BF also kills for great crab cakes. We already tried CF Folks, good stuff. Have enjoyed St. Ex pretty well with the exception of a couple of middling entrees, Viridian not so much. Also liked Dukem and Etete.
Thanks so much.

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  1. thai tanic is solid thai food w/ good prices. stoney's has good pub grub. would def. avoid logan tavern and merkado, lots of disappointments. bar pilar on 14th st? is also very good gastro pub kind of food. small menu and fresh ingredients.

    1. My favorite restaurant in that area is Hank's Oyster Bar...a few streets down from Logan Circle area.

      You already tried the best crab cake in the area but if the bf enjoys seafood have him check out the delicious lobster roll at Hank's.

      I really enjoy my neighborhood sushi spot, Sakana, for non-expensive sushi and friendly service. It's in the Dupont area on P Street.

      On U Street my favorite spot is Creme...perfect for both a delicious, down-home feeling dinner and a nice (long lines though) brunch.

      If you don't mind walking up towards Adams Morgan you can find fresh, local ingrediants at Cashion's Eat Place.

      1. Coppi's is good Italian on U Street and I think it's organic...I've heard Roha is good Ethiopian but haven't tried it yet. There's obviously Dukem over there as well.
        I've been meaning to try Great Wall, which is a Chinese place that has Szechuan items. It's on 14th Street.
        How about the food at Busboys and Poets? That's right around there as well.
        You could try Pyramids, a very cheap Moroccan place in the Shaw neighborhood. There's also this place called Thai X-ing on Florida which I'm planning to try soon. I think it's take-out only though.
        Banana Leaves is an interesting pan-Asian place just north of Dupont, and I also like Thaiphoon for a quick dinner though definitely not the most authentic...

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          In my opinion better Thai food can be found at Thai Chef in Dupont as oppossed to Thaiphoon.

          Also I forgot to mention Tabard Inn for a nice, romantic dinner. Try to get a seat on the outside courtyard area.

        2. Rice.
          Simply Home.
          Busboys and Poets.
          Veridian (14th St...never been)
          St. Ex
          Bar Pilar