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Sep 1, 2007 05:13 PM

Need HELP finding Korean item in store in NJ!!!

I am hoping that someone can help me find this in a store. I was in H Mart in Cherry Hill and was looking for this Korean Hot Red Pepper Thread called Sil Koch'u (???). It resembles saffron and supposed to smell like sweet raisins and it's supposed to be sold in 1 ounce packages. I was attempting to cook something Korean and saw that this staple was common in a lot of recipes. If anybody knows where I can get that in the Monmouth or Central NJ , I'd really appreciate it.

I was attempting to ask for that in the store but there seems to be a language barrier. :)

Thank you!

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  1. I believe you can substitute red pepper flakes for this, but if you want the real thing, do like my Mom does when in that store and look for customers who are mother/child pairs or someone who is Asian (and appears to be purchasing such tricky items), but speaks English. She has the best luck when the child is of teenage years and can work as translator between herself and the child's mother. You can just ask where to find it. Works great. If that fails, take a recipe with the printed word and point to it. Last resort: order online. Good luck!

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        There's an H-mArt in Palisades Park, NJ.

        There's also one in Edison, NJ, off Route 1, next plaza from Keum Ho Jung.

        1. re: aacharya

          Have you ever seen these hot pepper threads around in the stores? If you can direct me to the department for them, I'd really appreciate it. There is a language barrier and they didn't understand me.