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Coco Grove's CQ

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So, I finally got a chance to experience Christabelle's Quarter, last night. I waited patiently and admired the incredible hard work while the construction was going on. The interior is marvelous with an awesome vibe mixed with the beat of a New Orlean's heart. I fell in love the moment I climbed the magnificent staircase, just past the entrance. The hostess and maitre'd were warm and receptive, despite no reservations. My group sat on the second level. Appetizers and drinks were our main interests. We sat comfortably, at the bartender's request, at a 4-top close to the bar. I was enamored by the decor to say the least. Drinks took forever to make their way to the table, so we befriended the same bartender close by. Smiling he came to gather our order. Let the good times roll my friend. The oysters were to die for, so was the corn/crab bisque. My friend's orders were delicious as well despite the mess up on the cold crab cake that was served...what was the sous chef thinking??? Overall my impression was dampened by the service, the chaotic bar staff mostly interested in talking than working (obviously inexperienced in prioritizing), and the cold crab cake. I will visit again, though, to give this place a chance to work out the "opening" kinks. 2 1/2 stars.

3157 Commodore Plaza
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

reservations recommended

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  1. The first few times I dined there were great, with service being the one minus. However, the food has gone slightly downhill recently and the service is still horrible. Makes me wonder if they have enough staff on hand each night? I love going there for drinks though, even if the prices are higher, because its within walking distance and normally free of the riff raff that inhabit other Grove spots.