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Sep 1, 2007 04:46 PM

Going to Ogunquit Maine next week where do the locals go for good eats?

I know this place is a big tourist attraction but I've always been partial to the underground joints where the locals go. Any suggestions?

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  1. I can help you out. Usually go to maine at least 3 times a year. I will send you some sites of places you can check out. ( and ( This is a local watering hole, Red Sox fans, large screen tv behind bar. Nice place. and if you like steak just up the road in Wells theres ( There are some nice places for lunch and or dinner in the Perkins cove area. I will send you another site that has most of the restaurnats in Ogunquit. ( Click on the Dinning tab in the list. Hope this helps , I have personal eaten at Johnathan's and Vinnies and the Steakhouse and At Oarweeds and Jackie two's in perkins cove and can say they all have been good. We really like Vinny's and make sure we go there at least once or twice on each trip. Good luck and I hope this helps you. If you have any more places you want to know about.Re post and I will send you what ever more info. I can help you with Earle

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      Jakes for Seafood Takeout. 2nd the recommendation for The Steakhouse in Wells. and Browns nearby for Indian Pudding ice Cream

    2. WE spend our summer in Ogunquit so I guess you can call us locals. Vinny'sand Jackie's Too are both tourist traps with so so food. MC Perkins Cove is probably the best restaurant in Ogunquit. WE eat there twice a week and like it very much, not just for the food and good service but the views also. WE like alot of things on the bar menu so you should look at both menus. Barnicle Billy's is touristy but locals eat there regularly ( including GHW Bush- who comes in on his cigarette boat). Barnicle Billy's etc is less casual and has table service and a much wider menu and is ok for what it is. 98 Provence is one of the most popular restaurants in Og. French.
      Gypsy Sweethearts on the Shore Road near the center is quite good and has an eclectic somewhat asian inspired menu. Cafe Preggo is good for cappucino etc. and ok pizza. For breakfast, the omelette factory on Route One just north of Ogunquit is great. Two excellent restaurants in Kennebunkport, about 20 minutes north of Og are Hurricane and Bandaloop. Have a great time.

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        Is there any really good thin crust pizza in Ogunquit?


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          Almost never eat pizza but I believe that the pizza at La Pizzeria in Ogunquit Center on Maine Street has thin crust. I know they have a good lobster pizza and that there are always lines out the door.

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            Pizza Napoli on route one adjacent to Angelina's serves thin crust pizza. It is owned by the same person who owns Angelina's. The pizza at la Pizzeria in the Center is thick crust.

            Pizza Napoli has seating on the covered porch and a small number of tables inside. The salads are good; the pizza is good (not out of this world, but good) and if you enjoy a thin crust, that's the place to go.

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              Not to sure about Ogunquit but just up the road in Wells. there's a place that advertises there Pizza to be New York style. Called Seacoast Pizzq &Pasta. 901 Post Rd. Which is Rt1 ( Check out this site. Earle

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                I second Gypsy Sweethearts, it's one of my favorite restaurants. I'm not a local, but I know the owners of the B&B my husband and I stay at every year eat there frequently.

          2. don't miss the world of amazing maine cooking north of ogunquit. you can start at bob's clam hut, which is actually south, in kittery, right over the border from new hampshire, where in the summer and early fall you can get a spectacular jumbo lobster roll, great fried clams, seafood fried and all manner of deliciousness. then depending on if you want to venture north, you can consider how far you'll drive for a serious spot like Red's Eats and Sea Basket in Wiscassett, or Moody's Diner in Waldaboro (my favorite diner in the world- 4 berry pie, hot open turkey sandwich w gravy...), or further south the Maine Diner in Wells (Southern maine), the brunswick diner in brunswick (a sleeper), the A1 Diner in Gardiner (old classic diner car with crazy nouveau cuisine). all i can say is maine is the land of lobstah, so do not leave without going down to some dock somewhere and getting some nice fresh little lobstahs and some steamahs and some corn and watch the sun go down over the ocean and be very very content... enjoy fb

            1. We live a couple of towns north of Ogunquit, so somewhat "local". Our fav restaurant is 98 Provence. Very charming ambiance, good service, and terrific food. They have both fixed price menu and ala carte, menu changes ofter. Their mussels appetizer was about the best I've ever had, and the fish entree was wonderfully fresh. They had a number of different price fix menu -- from 3 to 5 courses. Think we had 3 courses for $39 (appetizer, entree, and dessert), it was a great value for the quality of food. Barnacle Billys is fun for lobster and sitting out on deck, but it is usually jammed with tourists. Guys from Arrows own MC Perkins, but I've heard mixed reviews about MC, altho have not been myself.