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Sep 1, 2007 04:10 PM

Lunch in Little Rock

Please recommend a nice place to have lunch in Little Rock AR on a Saturday. We thought of Doe's Eat Place, but they are closed for lunch on Saturday (according to their website).

Probably having dinner at Acadia that evening.....

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  1. How about Brave New Restaurant?

    1. Based on what Cleveland Randy said a couple of weeks ago, try the River Market. Must be several places there.

      BNR didn't sound all that great, unless you like eating in an office building.

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      1. re: crewsweeper

        I now think we'll have lunch at Best Impressions, the restaurant at the Arkansas Arts Center as we'll be going there to see the Jim Henson exhibit.

        Has anyone dined at Best Impressions? I'll look for your comments.....