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Sep 1, 2007 04:06 PM

So I stopped For BBQ in Calera, OK...

... At a place called "Angus Pit Stop" and I have to tell you, if you life in North TX you owe it to yourself to check it out. You walk in and order meat sliced right out of the pit - they have Brisket, Chicken, Sausage, Beef Ribs, and Tri-Tip, which is pretty unusual to find outside of CA. I tried the brisket and tri-tip and found both to be just outstanding. Tri-tip is a dense cut with a thick fat cap and lean interior; it's easy to have this come off the pit very dry and tough. This was succulent, richly smoked but not over-smoked in the least (they smoke over mesquite charcoal only, no wood). The brisket was phenomenal - nearly falling apart tender but still with just a little tooth to it. Beautiful smoke ring and a simple rub of mainly cracked black pepper rounded it out. Sauces are available; there's a mild and hot version, both of which are solid though not remarkable. Sides are mostly cold except the beans, which were seasoned lightly and cooked with plenty of the various meats available off the pit.

This place was just sensational - better than anything I've found yet in the DFW area (though I will confess my sample size is quite small, so take that with a few grains of salt). If you're driving to or from Tulsa, or if you're going up to Lake Texoma, this place is pretty convenient - about 10 miles north of the Red River on 69. It's only open Thursday through Sunday. You've gotta go!

They have a web site -

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  1. I have stopped here also. And recommend it as a food stop between Dallas and Tulsa, it beats anything you can find in Atoka. The pit master carves your meat for you from the pits. Nice folks.

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      Sweet that's not a bad drive from Plano. I was just up that direction before the power ball hit :-)

    2. The husband and I were up that way this weekend, and were a bit disappointed. I'm guessing things have changed a bit in the last 9 months? Brisket was flavorful but awfully dry, and the sausage was just... odd. The seasoning was delicious, but the casing was too tough and the filling had a strange, sponge-like texture. The casing was so tough that the filling squished out while you tried to cut it with the *serrated* knife. Very tough indeed. The ribs, at least, were outstanding.

      The potato salad was really tasty, but the beans were just okay. Nothing to write home about. This is a decent place to stop for grub on the way to or from Tulsa as it's not out of the way and everything else so convenient is fast food, but I wouldn't drive up from the Metroplex just for this Q.

      Best part of the meal? I asked the nice fellow at the pit what he recommended, and he said, "Food." Totally deadpan.

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        My husband and I stopped on the way back from Arkansas a few weeks ago I agree the Brisket was so dry . we really were not pleased at all. The sides were just ok . It's probably better than fast food but not much.

      2. Have ate there several times, one of the few BBQ pits I will pay to eat at. Sides are week, but Brisket is top notch.

        1. The wife and I grabbed some sliced brisket and sausage to go from this place while heading out to the lake. While it's not Smitty's, its not bad. I thought the flavor of the brisket was good (I couldn't discern any smoke ring) and there was at least a small degree of bark. There was about the right amount of fat to it, but not too much. The white bread served with it seemed home made, which may or may not be a good thing (just give me some plain ole Mrs Bairds). The beans were on the bland side. I believe the sausage was beef rather than pork, which may account for the unsual texture, the flavor was fine and no problem with the casing for us. On a drive with little food of interest, this place is worth the stop.

          1. On a trip past this joint last week, it looked closed (boarded up) and like they possibly had a fire. Too bad, hope they will re-open soon.