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Sep 1, 2007 03:38 PM

No more Sushi! Thai? Viet?

Looking for more than the joint, even though I know they have the best food, for pan-asian, thai, viet- whatever. I really want something with a flat noodle. Why is every Asian "dinner" place around Austin focused more on sushi than anything else?

Sorry for the rant.

... and sometimes I do want sushi, so I'm not bashing!

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  1. Tan My (formerly called TanTan) near Peyton Gin and 183 has flat noodles on the menu. I almost ordered them tonight when I went, but passed and got the pho tom(which was fantastic). If you try them, please post.

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    1. re: cowfish

      Vietnamese pan-fried and stir-friend rice noodle dishes are my most favorite. Hoa My's (at 35/Parmer) is better than Tan My's.

      At First Chinese, we like the lo mein (esp. with BBQ pork) better than the flat noodle.

      1. re: kuidaore

        Whereabouts is Hoa My?
        That's a new place I've not heard of before.
        Tell more about the menu?

        1. re: chucklesmcfarland

          It's in the Wal-Mart shopping center at the corner of 35 and Parmer.
          Their Vietnamese egg rolls are pretty good, too.

          Obviously, this person likes their Orange Chicken.

          1. re: kuidaore

            Ah, no wonder I've never been, anything north of Parmer I consider Dallas. ;)

            I'll have to try them nevertheless.

    2. We enjoy the flat noodles at First Chinese BBQ in the new shopping center off North Lamar. I'm not sure they are on the menu, but we order them with the beef & broc. Also have had their duck several times. It is always cooked perfectly.

      1. Two that come to mind are Thai Noodle House and Madam Mam's, both within one block of each other.

        1. Thai Tara on 6th has good food. I had a delicious flat noodle dish with curry sauce there recently. Be careful if you go for lunch, though, sometimes it takes a very, very long time to get your food. Seriously, I know more than one person who has either had to leave without eating or take the food to go when it finally arrived because they had to get back to work.

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          1. re: Ashforth

            I love Thai Tara, but lunch can be hit or miss with the service. They make the best Larb!

            1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

              The larb at Thai Tara is so good that it took me a long time to order anything else there. It's still my favorite. The owner is delightful, she actually gave my friend some of the ground rice powder she makes her larb with so he could try it at home. His turned out well, but not as good as hers!

              1. re: Ashforth

                Too funny! The owner gave me some galangal since it's impossible to find by me.

                1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

                  You can get it at most of the Asian markets. Last time, I got some that was sprouting at Say Hi on Burnet and North Loop. I planted it in my garden, and it grew. However, it got waterlogged. Probably due to my lack of a green thumb.

                  Get a bunch at the market - like ginger, you can peel, slice and freeze it and just pop out what you need when you need it.

          2. Why do you want "pan-asian", more likely than not, anyplace that bills itself as such is going to serve mediocre versions of whatever Thai or Viet dishes they have...watered down for the non-Asian market...this is a generalization, of course. But i have to contest your contention that all Asian places focus on sushi...though maybe you want "fancy" dinner places...Then try Pao's Mandarin, some of the things on Chinatown's menu, or maybe Sea Dragon (though stay away from the "pan" dishes, i.e., Chinese). there are other "fancy" places as well, I think the Thai place on fifth or sixth nearish to Congress, or maybe it's nearer to Colorado...can't recall the name...i think they have white table cloths if somehow that makes you feel the food is better.
            For flat rice noodles in a non-fancy, but non-"joint" ambience, go to Din Ho, they have several Chinese varieties of chow fun .... some of the better made versions in town.

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            1. re: sambamaster

              I think the Thai place you're referring to is Thai Passion, probably my second favorite behind Little Thailand.

              Thai Passion
              620 Congress Ave Ste 105, Austin, TX 78701

              1. re: Twill

                We enjoyed Thai Passion North, great flavor and heat, even without asking :)
                How about Thai Kitchen?
                We compare everything to us Lotus of Saim in Vegas, yet I did hear someone compare Little Thailand to it, we need to get out there also!

                1. re: familyof3

                  If you haven't been to Little Thailand, you've got to go. Great food and an unforgettable atmosphere!