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Sep 1, 2007 03:24 PM

ISO a great hot dog in Sacramento

At IKEA the other day, I got a couple of dogs because I was starving. They cost 50 cents each, and were better than you'd expect for the price. The sausage was above average, but the buns--eh. What they really did was put me in the mood for a great hot dog.

So I went to Wiener Works on Madison, which has gotten some props from folks I know and always seems busy at lunchtime. Got the regular dog with mustard, tomato, and onion, a tiny fries, and a drink. The fries were great, made from fresh potatoes hand-cut as needed (btw, the "tiny" designation is a serious misnomer). The sausage was outstanding--a casing with a nice snap to it, filled with meat that was spiced just right. The onions were red and sweet, and the tomatoes were okay, if a bit flavorless. But the bun? A slightly stale sourdough sandwich roll that was so large the sausage got lost in it. You seriously couldn't taste the meat for all the bread in this dog. I ended up deconstructing it: tearing off moist bits of bread, piling toppings on them, and stuffing them into my mouth with bites of sausage. My cuticles will be mustard-colored for a week. Oh, and the price for a dog, fries, and a medium soda? $10, less a little loose change. Yikes.

Which leads to the question: where can you get a great hot dog on a great bun for a reasonable price in the Sacramento area? Quality sides and toppings would be nice, too, but they should augment the dog, not cover up the fact that it's mediocre. Anybody?

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  1. I used to go to The Wienery. I don't know if it's still there, but I remember liking the dogs. There don't seem to be too many choices around for hotdogs. This place served them a bunch of different ways. It would be worth trying if it's still there. It was in a small shopping center at 56th and H street.

    1. Don't like weiner works? Thats as good a dog as there is for me. love the buns and never are they stale in my experience. pricey yes, but I love it and eat there all the time.

      The Weinery might be what you are looking for. Kind of the same dog but with smaller bunage. Haven't been in a while so i would try to call to see if they still are there.

      In Roseville is Parker'sDogs. Just like Caspers in the bay area. On Douglas east of 80 in the shopping center to the left. Their fries are horrible however.

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          The Cal Expo Costco in Sacramento has started slipping on their dogs. The meat is still good, but the bun is suffering. I am hoping that it was just a fluke, but they have such a huge volume that they usually do not sit around. Plus, they were missing the Deli Mustard the last time.

          Now, Raley Field had some great dogs for River Cats games. The 1/2 Dinger Dog was huge, covered in peppers, onion, and mustard was awesome, but too big to eat by hand. Their standard dog is also good - Alpine Meats I think - with very good flavor, but a poor bun-to-dog ratio (bun is too small).

          Does anyone know if Morant's on Franklin sell cooked hot dogs or sausages?

          1. re: goodfeeder

            Costco is like IKEA: an above-average frank in a decent bun with no worthwhile toppings. Costco gets the advantage on the sausage, IKEA wins on price. Both are okay--even good--but neither is a great hot dog.

          2. Does Wiener Works use the same bun with its large sausages? That would solve the bun-to-meat-ratio problem if the franks are the same quality. And a big dog might not even seem so spendy...

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              I believe they do. Not sure, I like hot dogs and not sausages.......