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Sep 1, 2007 02:52 PM

Unusual Food in DC / MD / VA

Anyone know of any restaurants in DC / MD / VA that serve bizarre or unusual foods? And I don't mean anything like authentic chinese. And I also already know about the grasshoppers at Cafe Oaxaca (a pretty bland, overpriced restaurant). The most unusual I could find on this board is a Senagelese restaurant in MD, but the review for it made it sound not very interesting. I don't know if anyone saw the No Reservations done in NY, but if so, I would love to find something along the lines of the Egyptian restaurant in Queens that was featured.

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  1. I heard they also serve grasshoppers at Oyamel.

    In all honesty I don't know if DC is at the level of NYC or some other cities in terms of bizare/No Reservations worthy food. But I would be interested in hearing if there is anything out there.

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      A cheap beer and a decent breakfast are pretty unusual these days.

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        Yes, there are grasshoppers at Oyamel. Not that I've had them.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. There are some unusual breakfast items at La Cabana, a Peruvian place in S. Arlington. Same for the Ethiopian breakfast served at Dama, also S. Arlington.

          Polori, a Trinidadian specialty, is fritters served with pickled tamarind sauce at Rita's in DC.

          If you think the idea of Senegalese food is 'unusual,' by all means go to Chez Auntie Libe in DC, or Akosombo for Gahnaian food or Sumah for Sierra Leonian (all in DC) or Roger Miller in Silver Spring, MD for Cameroonian. El Khartoum for Sudanese in DC. My recommendations are in that order, especially start with the manioc (cassava leaf stew) at Chez Auntie Libe.
          Myanmar for Burmese in Falls Church, VA is one of the area's best restaurants. Many recs on this board, please do a search.

          Perhaps the most exotic cuisine I've encountered, though, is Bolivian. Definitely go to Llajtaymanta in Falls Church, VA and you will be faced with a menu as challenging as the name of the restaurant. Especially the beef jerky and the pickled pork roll. Read the report below:

          1. I have not been, but they say at the Peruvian place in Fells Point, they serve Guinea Pig on Sundays

            1. Ordering a side of small intestine or "tripe stuff" at Victor's in Falls Church - does that qualify?

              I'll vouch heavily for the Argentinean steak and El Inca beer, to be sure.