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Sep 1, 2007 02:09 PM


Does anyone have anywhere in Austin they like to frequent for fideos? I've just recently been on a Spanish food kick and have made fideos at home a few times. I'd like to go to a place where they have a definitive version so I can contrast and compare. Suggestions?

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  1. I would love nothing more to be proven wrong, but I think there is no definitive Spanish food in Austin. A good recipe and attention to detail is probably your best bet.

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      No hay comida Espanola aqui. Lo siento.

    2. I've never seen Fideo on a menu in town. The best fideo was on my grandmother's stove top everytime I went over to her house on the east side.

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        I have. They serve a delicious seafood fideo at Janitzio (on East Riverside). I've also seen it on the Lenten menu at Abarrotes Mexicanos. Note: Neither restaurant serves "Spanish" food.

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          Since it's one of the least expensive, easiest dishes to make and I don't want it ruined by anyone else, I'd never buy it off the menu.

          Doesn't surprise me that 55mph knows where to find it, he's apparently been to just about every east side mexican food place that's ever existed.

          You go with your bad self!

      2. Garcia's in Buda, Lockhart, and San Marcos has it on the menu. I personally think their food is mediocre but it is there and it is $3 for the plate.

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          Is this the Mexican style fideo (a little bit brothy, with a tomato/chile flavored sauce)? My guess, shanntastic, is that the fideo you find in this area will be Mexican style, which isn't what you are looking for (although it is very good). When I've seen recipes for Spanish fideos (or fideus), it's almost like a paella, but with noodles. Zuni has a recipe with mushrooms and peas, but I haven't tried it.

          You can probably find Ilan Hall's recipe on the Bravo website for Top Chef (if you haven't looked already). The judges raved about it, and supposedly it was lifted straight from the version at Momo.

        2. Amazing, and I thought I was the only one! I grew up in El Paso and we ate either rice and beans or fideo and beans just about every night as a side to whatever the main dish was. We were fortunate to have a Mexican house keeper who cooked great food, tacos, enchiladas, rice and beans, fideo and chiles rellenos. I just was craving fideo and made a pot last night, then typed in fideo this morning and bingo I found some brothers! Mine was great, by the way, just a tad too much salt and not enough broth but I'll remedy that next time. By the way, I have never seen it on a menu anywhere, oh well, guess I'm just not looking.