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Help! Wedding Present Advice for Major NYC Foodies Needed


I need special wedding present ideas for major NYC foodies!

They've been to almost every great restaurant in the city, so I need to think more outside the box. Wines, cheeses (we were thinking Murray's gift certificate possibly), anything.

They are also major cooks. So things along that route too would work. But no equipment. They have all that too.

And as "different" and memorable as possible. We really love these people.


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  1. What about wine? Sherry-Lehman - they just moved to 59th & Park - has always been very reliable and helpful when I've needed something special, and they always end up being more reasonably priced than I expect them to be. I also like Italian Wine Merchants

    Or maybe trying to arrange a private cooking lesson with a chef they admire?

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      The private cooking present is really a great idea, but Dang! A Murray's gift certification...I'd be like a kid in a candy store..yep..exactly like that!

      Along the wine route; you might wanna think of a bottle for their wedding night...then a bottle that will be prefect for their 1 year anniversary, then one planned for their 5th, 10th, 25th and 50th? Showing that you are planning ahead, like them, for a long happy life together?

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        Trust me - I'm with you on the Murray's cheese thing too!

        To the OP - might be helpful - if you are comfortable - letting us know your budget - might help us come up w/ the best ideas w/in that range - obviously it's easy to throw around money at a wine store and come up w/ a fantastic gift (grin).

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          Hi guys! I think we actually have some great ideas with the wine. I can't be completely specific because apparently the soon-to-be-married couple reads this site too! Big suprise! But I do need to know what store to buy these special wines at. Is Sherry-Lehman a store, a brand, or both? Any other great wine stores near mid-town? We are in Hell's Kitchen, but would be willing to travel for special knowledge, selection or prices.

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              Thought that might be the case - about revealing too much! Sherry-Lehman is a wine store. They recently moved from Madison Avenue. I think they are thought of as being upscale etc., and even perhaps snooty, but I am not very knowledgeable about wines nor do I regularly buy expensive wine, and I have always been treated in a friendly and courteous manner.

              505 Park Ave, New York, NY 10022

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                And, if they are particularly into Italian food/wine - try this place:

                Italian Wine Merchants
                108 E 16th St, New York, NY 10003

      2. Get them a crazy expensive bottle of Balsamic Vinegar. Something they would never every buy themselves.

        I'm talking aged 100 years. (or 200 years if you have the scratch).


        1. If they know good cheeses (and I bet they do) this might be a fine alternative along with a bottle of fine wine.

          1. We just got a murrays cheese of the month club for a friend at work, and she was thrilled. I think the balsamic idea is great, something you wouldnt buy yourself is always fun. Also, maybe a private dinner at their favorite restaurant with some signature drinks and dishes that arent normally on the menu, using a tasting of all their favorite ingredients. You could have a freelance designer make a custom menu to have on the table and make it a very personalized occasion.

            1. How about a gift certificate to Russ and Daughters- superb smoked fish, soups, egg creams, roe, candied fruit, nuts, gourmet stuff, absolutely amazing! or one to russ and one to murray's- either is going to work... enjoy fb

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                As a thank you to some of our friends, we got them a Russ & Daughters "Breadfast in Bed" package. And they loved it -- bagels, lox, rugelach, whitefish salad, etc.

              2. I've had this problem before and have done very well by sending the couple to a high end Barolo or other such wine tasting at Vino.
                Vino is the wine store run by the people of I Trulli restaurant.
                They have one class where you make pizza, on their equipment and in their ovens, while drinking outstanding southern Italian wines. Then you eat all the pizza.

                Italian Wine Merchants does similar things but may cost more but actually have more food involved. The downside is the staff there can be unnecessarily pretentious.

                I would definitely look into buying tickets to tastings and classes at either of those two places.

                At the end of the night, everyone leaves these things drunk, sometimes full of food, and ALWAYS grinning from ear to ear chatting with their other class/tasting mates.

                It's a good and memorable time.

                1. I know you said that they have plenty of equipment, but what about copper? Do they have all the copper pans and pots that they would want? If not, quality copper cookware make great gifts. Broadway Panhandler and Zabars have good collections.

                  1. If you are planning to get a bottle of wine, here's an idea if you think your hosts would be comfortable with it. buy them a wonderful magnum, and bring it to the wedding with a metalic wine pen. put it by the gift table, guest book, etc, and have the wedding guests sign the bottle. if you pick a bottle that could age 5 or 10 years, it would provide the couple with a wonderful anniversary present as a bonus.

                    sherry-lehman, which has already been mentioned, has a great selection of magnums and larger. i'm pretty sure they sell permanant metalic pens as well.

                    i only wish i had thought of this idea before my wedding last year...

                    1. Are you sure that they have all the fun cooking equipment? I am particularly fond of Mario Batalia's cookware...his panini press is wonderful...

                      1. i'm a foodie who just got married and some of my favorite gifts were:
                        - sherry lehmann le can can tin filled with a lot of champagne
                        - brass wall-mount wine opener (look for it on chefscatalog.com)
                        - winery tour & tasting gift pass for two