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Here's a few I know in the FLA, would like to know more...so bring it FLA!

1. Arbetter's Miami

2. Dogma Miami/FTL

3. Mel's Tampa

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  1. Hot Dog Heaven(Ft Lauderdale) for sure! They serve a great Chicago Dog.

    1. Popcorn Paradise in sobe deserves mention - great chicago dogs.

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          Not surprising...

          Diggity Dogs on Griffin is worthy of a stop, should you find yourself in that neck of the woods, 1 mile or so west of I95. Thehy have good burgers too!

      1. Skyline Chili in Clearwater.

        1. born in Miami and raide on Arbetters on Bird Rd-
          a Miami institution!

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            What is unique about Arbetter's hot dogs??

            Is it worth a stop from the airport on the way to sobe via taxi??

            I'm a hot dog junkie.

          2. gotta go ethnic on ya...Colombian style

            Miami: La Perrada de Edgar on Collins up by 69th or 79th street. He'll be in Orlando by the end of this year, or so he hopes.

            Orlando: Chalo, on OBT just north of Whisper Lakes on the North bound side of OBT.

            In both cases ask for an original Colombian hotdog. Both make their own buns.
            The Colombian Hot Dog: Hot Dog and bun (duh!!), potatoe stix (yes the chip kind), Salsa Rosada (pink sauce which is really just ketchup and mayo with salt and pepper), mustard, crushed pineapples that have been cooked over with brown sugar, white cheddar (or some version of white cheese) melted with onions.

            Personally I can't do the pineapples but everything else works well.

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              muy interesante! Who knew? Chicago style I expected, Colombian...well let's just say I'm still trying to come to terms with Chicago style. That is 2 solid votes for Perros Colombianos with you NYP & AG. I guess I got to give 'em a try. I was checking out that place up on Collins just the other day, it was prior to opening.

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                La Perrada de Edgar, fo sho. Amazing stuff; Colombians really know their dogs.

                I agree with EDBM, Dogma is overpriced, uninspired, and their cooking method is subpar.

                I also third Hot Dog Heaven. It's an institution in Fort Lauderdale. Big City Dogs in Fort Lauderdale is also very good, making a lot of varieties of 'real' regional dogs.

              2. Love The Dune Dog in Jupiter!!

                1. I got over to Chubby's Saturday. I was trying for a double-header (cheese steak at Kappy's and a dog at Chubby's) but couldn't get it up.

                  Had a foot-long Vienna -- they are all Viennas except the Polish sausage -- with chili, cheese, Gulden's mustard, cole slaw and onion.

                  Phenomenal. With a beer about six bucks. Sloppy. messy and delicious. This place gets raves from me. Did not try their Chicago dog, but I'll be back.

                  Reminded me of another classic place that I forgot.

                  A & B Hot Dogs in Leesburg. Just north of where 441 meets 27 on the east side. Owners had a big, well-known stand in (Albany, I think?) Georgia and retired to Clermont. They stood it about six months and went back into business.

                  They used to do great Greek bean soup and some other classics, but during last visit about 2 years ago, just the dogs remain.

                  Get two chili, cheese and slaw dogs and prepare for heaven. I guess that could be taken two ways -- as it's a heart stopper -- but I meean it in the pleasurable sense.


                  PS - any Columbian dogs in Central Florida? I ate a goodly number of doges in Caracas a long time back -- with the crispy onions on top -- are they similar? Venezulan natives warned me about what kind of meat I might be eating, but it was delicioso anyhow.

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                    Try Chalo on OBT (north bound side). He's in a strip mall across the street from the Biglots on OBT between Water Bridge Blvd (CostCo) and Whisper Lakes Blvd.

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                      Does anyone have any word as to whether Chalo's is still open? I ate there a couple months back and enjoyed it, but now, I've been by twice (on Saturdays) and the lights are off.

                      1. re: John Graham

                        Was there this past Friday, he's still open. if it's late enough the truck in the same parking lot is also his. same food.

                  2. Second on Hotdog Heaven, I only wish they were open later. Also Michael's on Broward Blvd. Also closes too early. I find Dogma blah and overpriced.

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                      I gave Hotdog Heaven two tries, and I give it both thumbs down. The sausage were boiled, the stuffings were not even homemade, and it was overpriced for such cheap Chicagoan gimmick. I much rather eat at Dogma than Hotdog Heaven since the toppings (and even the buns) are usually of better quality and the dogs are grilled.

                      1. re: mialebven

                        Did Dogma South Beach bite the dust? Can anyone confirm this?

                        1. re: netmover

                          When was the last time someone had a dog from a street vendor in downtown Miami. I had one the other day and it hit the spot, all the trimmings. Those Colombianos are pretty good late night!!

                    2. Dogs might be boiled but Hot Dog Heaven is still the best place to get a good Chicago Dog in Orlando.........giant orders of fries......hand-made shakes.............good chili dogs, too....

                      1. ISO Meatsauce as served in the Upstate NY Greek Diners. Please I'm dying down here! I tried a "MIchigan" at the Dairy Belle, but it was like a tomato meatsauce, and that's not it. There have been some posts on other boards that eluded to the fact that up in the great white north of Canada they add the tomatos and down in upstate (if that makes sense) they do not. Anyway, I grew up with these doggies and they are the best bar none and blow away any chili out there. Where the Greeks at?

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                          I wonder if your Greek diner "meatsauce" is anything like the Cincinnati style of chili you get at Skyline Chili parlors. It is a thin, savory, non-spicy chili with meat and NO beans, traditionally served over small hot dogs called Coneys or bowls of spaghetti, both topped with mounds of neon orange shredded cheddar cheese. The recipe comes from Greek immigrants that founded Skyline and other chili parlors in Cincinnati.

                          Aren't you in South Florida, netmover? There are two Skyline Chili locations in Broward County, one in Davie near Nova University, and one somewhere in Fort Lauderdale. You might want to give it a try.

                          1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                            Yes, it's very similar to Skyline...and beleive me Lou I do go there. I have been known to buy the sauce from Publix, it's just not exactly what I am looking for. That being said, it is definately cut from the same cloth in as so far as that's the style. I am not a big fan of their dogs, and I prefer my Spag with Italian, not Greek sauce. The other thing one would NEVER do where I come from is get it with all that gawdy processed cheese...in fact it's not even an option!

                            ISO Skyline style chili, but not Skylines!

                            Anyone got the goods here in South Florida?

                            So, thank you for attempting to qwell my craving, but I am afraid to say, Skyline is close, but no cigar! Plus, I prefer indy joints which Skyline hardly is.

                        2. Hey Net,

                          You ever get a comfirmation on Dogma on the beach? I went by there the other day and it looked closed. Tough spot for a dog counter since the rent has gotta be inflated.

                          1. Daytona Dogs - Daytona Beach, FL