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Sablone's new location

The restaurant is preparing to open on Smith St. in Marblehead. Previous tenants in this spot have not lasted long. The space is long, narrow, and dark, with a bar taking up much of the room. For Marblehead, the parking situation in the dinner hour is not bad, but there's a lot of competition for the Italian food dealer in the area. Here's hoping they do well..

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  1. Is this the East Boston, Sablones Veal and Vintage?

    When are they due to open?

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      BTW, a new Italian restaurant is going into the old Sablone's space - I believe owned by the same people who own Santarpio's, but "fine dining" in style.

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        I adored Sablones Veal and Vintage! The tender Veal Limone with a side of spaghetti topped with a scoop of ricotta cheese. I would love to taste their food again.

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          Heavens! If this is true, I'm heading to Marblehead soon! I absolutely loved the mushroom sauce as well. Aaaah, just wonderful. The clown decor, however, used to upset some of my dinner guests, so we wound up going there less and less. How exciting that they'll b back.

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          i've heard this too. i walk by the spot nearly every day though, and see no activity there.

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            There is now a sign in Sablone's window that says they will open on October 15. The menu is posted there, too, but I haven't had a chance to read it.

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              ok, are we talking about east boston, right across from santarpio's or marblehead?

              there now are nice new boards nailed up in east boston, but, lol, no windows and no menu...

              i was all excited!!

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          The sign says "of East Boston." Don't know when they are opening, Will report back when they do. They are advertising for staff. .

        4. There are a few masks hung on one wall, but thank god the clown motif didnt make it out of East Boston.

          The food at the new location was ok at best

          The veal I had was flat out terrible, I tried the Sablone sampler and everything on it was pretty bad. My wife had risotto that was actually really good. It was a real mixed bag. hopefully they will work the kinks out.

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            Well, there's a review in today's Marblehead Reporter. The reviewer, a fan of the old Sablone's, missed the clowns, and was happy to report that the management assured her their arrival was imminent....

            Four of us had dinner there about ten days ago; two had pasta, two had veal. I ordered the fusilli with rabe and sun-dried tomatoes, minus the sausage. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and had leftovers for lunch. It was fresh pasta, a rare treat for me. The others were happy, too.

            The welcome was warm, and we were seated almost immediately, without reservations, on a Monday night. It was about 2/3 full when we arrived at seven, and somewhat noisy, less so as early diners left. There's a small, attractive waiting area in front, as well as the bar. And for those who dread the parking situation in Marblehead: plenty of on-street space here. I wish them well!

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              In an area that sorely needs need restaurants, I was very excited about Sablone's' opening. If the Uno's opening and full parking lot in Vinnin Square is any indication of the demand in this area, (restaurateurs take notice!) then I don't know what is!

              I am sad to report that this Sablone's is just a shadow of its former East Boston, clown laden, incredible red sauce self. Oh Al, we miss you! The red sauce lacked flavor, no real sweet tang, and this is the sauce that made Sablone's a real veal and vintage. In fact, something was missing from everything we ordered: pasta fagioli, chicken parm, veal parm. It was not the worst meal, but to this long time fan of a favorite pre-Logan meal, it was a bit of a disappointment.

          2. Bad news about Sablone's in Marblehead. Unfortunately it belongs in the strip mall it now occupies. The dry cleaner next door has an excellent reputation, by the way.
            I, however, am not partial to little nodules of uncooked corn starch in any sauce, especially when that artificially thickened tasteless sauce drenches my overcooked veal.
            I am embarrassed to admit that this is my third visit.

            1. Not trying to hog the board, but wasn't Sablone's known for veal? What happened?

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                That's like saying Anthony's Pier 4 was known for it's seafood. That was then this is now.

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                  Against my advice, my parents went to Sablone's last night...Here is my mom's review...

                  Having been to Sablone's in Marblehead once, and having had, at best a very mediocre meal, we decided to try it once again. Bad idea. Starting with an appetizer of pumpkin ravioli, which was very undercooked and hard, then a salad, which was ice cold with old, wilted lettuce, and ending with veal marsala with an ersatz sauce and chewy, stringy veal . The restaurant is acoustically terrible and the service mediocre. Quoth the raven, nevermore

                2. I've been here a bunch of times but last night was the last time. As with many Marblehead restaurants, you get charged for the "privilege" of eating in Marblehead, but the food is exceedingly sub-par and the prices are outrageous. The portions are small, entrees come with a tiny salad, and last night I got chicken marsala ($20) which comes with a side of pasta and nothing else. I asked for a veg instead and they said there'd be an extra charge. I figured 1-2 dollars. Turns out it was $4 for a yellowing plate of plain broccoli. The marsala is ok but not great. Refills on soft drinks (in this case, fake iced tea from a gun - classy!) are not free, and they charge $2.25 per glass.

                  Service is decent (though note to waitress: potatoes are NOT pronounced "ba-day-does"), but the Marshalls left-overs decor leaves much to be desired. Clearly they think they're offering something high end that justifies the prices, but they are mistaken. Another way mediocre restaurant in town that will soon close. When someone finally opens a decent restaurant here, hopefully people will appreciate it. I don't mind paying if the quality of the food is good. But this isn't it.

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                    in total agreement. the "al dente" pasta is worse than Chef Boy Ardee out of the can.it's apalling that a small place with a fairly limited menu can't be good. the antipasto is as bad as everythig else on the menu your handle is a double entendre ,in other words let's see and "watch what happens! "